You’ve uncovered a rusty old piece of metal furniture, but can look beyond its worn exterior, realizing it has the potential to become a beautiful piece with time and attention. If you are considering a refurbishing project such as this, keep in mind that restoring metal furniture is an option with several factors to consider. Firstly, what is your budget for this type of DIY project? Secondly, what are your expectations? Thirdly, do you wish to tackle this job yourself or seek the help of professionals? We will examine all of these questions, as well as explain the steps you should follow should you wish to restore metal furniture yourself.

Consider Your Budget

If you are leaning towards restoring the piece you have recovered yourself, it is important to keep a price range in mind that you would like to stay within. Restoring metal furniture can be costly. You have to invest in several items typically found in hardware stores, like safety gloves, wire brushes, sanders, primer, and paints. If you want the piece restored, but prefer to rely on the expertise of professionals, that too can be pricy.

How About Expectations?

So you’ve found that metal piece of furniture at a garage sale that was just calling out to you, and you know that all it needed was a little work to restore it to its former glory. Or perhaps you found the rusted piece in your shed that it is full of potential. There is yet another consideration you need to face before you start the restoration process, namely, what do you intend for the piece? Do you want to jazz it up a bit, add some color and keep it as a unique piece in your own home? Or do you think you want to resell it to another antique hunter?

What you want for the piece should determine how you treat it. If you are pretty sure you want to resell it, deliberate the state the furniture is in. It probably isn’t a completely rusty mess, or you wouldn’t want to handle it anyway. However, if the piece has the paint worn off and what is left is a hint of rust and patina tarnish, you may not want to do anything further than cleaning it a bit with soap and water. For this is the industrial chic look, and some used-furniture hunters are crazy about it and are willing to pay top dollar for pieces boasting that type of appearance, depending on its condition.

Steps to Restoring Metal Furniture

If you have your heart set on painting the piece, whether you keep it for yourself or not, there are several steps you must follow in order to handle the restoration correctly.

  1. Remove All Rust – start with a wire brush and then move on to a sander with 60 to 80-grit sandpaper to smooth out the entire surface of the piece. What should remain after this step is the smooth, exposed metal.
  2. Prime It – select a rust-preventative primer, or a primer specifically for furniture that has previously been painted. Follow the instructions on the can. Apply a couple thin coats. If you have some of the sandpaper left, scuff up the piece between coats so that the paint has a porous surface to cling to.
  3. Paint Away – choose a spray paint color you desire and apply a couple thin coats to the furniture, allowing adequate time between each coat, per the instructions listed on the paint can. After the piece is dry, step back and admire your work. You’re all set!

Seeking Professional Help

If the kind of work listed above is not in your wheelhouse and, frankly, sounds like more of a headache than it is worth, you may prefer to bring the piece to furniture renovation professionals, like us at Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing. No matter what type of service you are looking for, we will happily listen to your wishes and make them come true. We have over four decades in th

e business, and will treat your furniture with care and expertise. With the case of restoring metal furniture, we will take on the labor for you; sandblasting and buffing the piece, priming and painting it per your specifications.

Call Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing today at 562-921-4922 to set up a consultation. We’ll assess the condition of your furniture and go over a plan for refurbishment with you.

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