Whether you recently found a piece of furniture at a garage sale or auction house that spoke to you, or a beloved, handed-down piece is screaming for a bit of attention, you realize a new upholstery is in order, but are not sure where to start. We at Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing are here to help you every step of the way. The world of upholstery is vast and can be intimidating for those unfamiliar with it; let’s break it down and take a look at your options for high-quality upholstery.

What Does the Term Upholstery Include?

Upholstery consists of any and all materials or structures added to the frame of a chair, couch, ottoman, or other furniture piece designed for comfort. These upholstery items include fabric coverings, cushions, springs, webbing, and fillers. Upholstery keeps pieces cozy for sitting, as well as looking great. The right upholstery can make the value of a piece skyrocket, whereas a tattered or worn looking upholstery can ruin the whole piece. Tracking down the highest-quality upholstery is essential when you want to have a superior piece of furniture that will resist aging and wear through use.

Taking a Look at Quality Upholstery

There is a massive array of upholstery options for furniture, with a network of individual features. In order to select the best upholstery for your furniture, it is essential to form a basic understanding of these materials. When we talk about high-quality upholstery, we’re referring to fabrics that are both beautiful and durable; requiring little upkeep. We’ll examine types of high-quality fabrics as well as look at some features that are important to consider.

Quality Fabrics:

  • Leather – a natural fabric that is popular with most homeowners. Leather is a great choice for quality upholstery in that it resists wear and is easy to clean with the right product.
  • Wool – another natural fabric, wool is extremely durable and can easily be spot-cleaned.
  • Cotton-Blend – while cotton itself can be easily soiled or wrinkled, a high-quality blend can be sturdy and resistant to staining.
  • Acrylic – created as a wool alternative, a quality acrylic blend can resist pilling, wear and stains.
  • Polyester – generally combined with another fabric to create a blend, polyester is durable, resistant to stains and pulling, and low maintenance.
  • Vinyl – less pricy than leather, as well as cruelty-free and just as durable.
  • Microfiber – a popular choice available in a variety of looks, microfiber is strong while being soft to the touch, resistant to soiling yet easy to clean.

Upholstery Features:

  1. Thread Count – like with bed sheets, the higher the thread count, the better quality upholstery. A high thread count means the fabric is tightly woven and resistant to wear.
  2. Pilling – when fabric develops lumps of fiber on its surface. An annoying yet common feature of upholstery. The types of upholstery listed above are known to be resistant to pilling.
  3. Style – the style of upholstery you choose should be appropriate to the frame of the furniture. If you are choosing upholstery with a pattern, the pattern size should have a pleasant ratio in relation to the room.
  4. Prints – prints are either a part of the fabric, or woven onto the surface of the fabric, and come in a variety of types, such as florals, paisleys, geometrics, stripes, plaids, etc. Always consider the size of the furniture piece and the room it will be placed in before choosing a print.
  5. Durability – The high-quality fabrics listed above are praised for their durability. This is essential depending on the amount of use your furniture is likely to receive.

These are the best fabrics and most important features to keep in mind when shopping for high-quality upholstery. They will look beautiful in your home and will last for many years to come, with little upkeep on your part.

Why Choose Rahn’s?

When you decide you want your furniture reupholstered, your choice of upholsterer is clear. At Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing, we have over four decades of experience refurbishing furniture. Our upholsterers are experts in the field, adding upholstery of your choice to a bare piece of furniture or reupholstering a beloved piece that has seen better days. We can make your furniture more aesthetically pleasing, more comfortable, and more valuable by adding the perfect, high-quality upholstery. Whether it is a sofa, chair, or ottoman, we will bring your furniture to life with our refinishing skills, creating the look you want in your home. Please contact us today with any questions. Should you decide to use our services, we can come to your home to pick up the furniture in need of reupholstering.

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