Serving Whittier for More than 30 Years

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is proud to include Whittier amongst the cities we serve, providing residents of this wonderful community with superior furniture repair and restoration services, as well as refinishing and cleaning. Whittier residents turn to us time and time again because we maintain high standards and have developed our excellent reputation over more than 30 years, giving you the confidence to trust in us. Whether you are looking to return an heirloom piece to its former glory, add value to your newest find, or need to repair damage to a modern piece, our team has you covered. All you need to do is give us a call.

Our Furniture Repair Services

Much like anything else in our home, furniture will sustain damage over time. Children and pets can scratch piece, the sun can cause discoloration, and accidents such as flooding can cause significant water damage. Then there are problems that simply develop over time, such as cracked finishes and joint instability. But you do not need to simply accept these problems as a part of life.

Instead, turn to Rahn’s. Our team is skilled at repairing all types of damage so that your furniture can return to its former glory. The process starts with a plan; we assess the damage, the type of wood, and the finishes and then decide which techniques will get the best results without compromising the history or integrity of the piece. The plan focuses on both function and visual appeal so that you can use your furniture in addition to displaying it. As we work, we take measures to preserve as much of the piece as possible. Then, once we are done, we carefully transport the piece back to your home and ensure that you are pleased with the final result.

Our Furniture Restoration Services

For more serious damage, such as prolonged exposure to water, or when a complete makeover is needed, we offer furniture restoration services. We can rebuild and restore even the most damaged pieces. Our team accomplishes this by disassembling the furniture, cleaning it, and then addressing structural damage. Smaller problems can often be addressed through cleaning, sanding and minor repairs, but those that are significant or make the piece unsafe structurally require restoration.

Before we do anything, however, the team at Rahn’s will discuss our plans with you to ensure that you are comfortable with what we propose. We understand how much furniture can mean to its owner, especially antique and heirloom items. Our goal when restoring any piece of furniture is to help it become a better, structurally sound version of itself, retaining as much of its history and charm as we can. We know that part of the appeal in having older furniture is the stories that come with them. We will even consult with you after each step that we take to ensure you are comfortable as we proceed.

Our Refinishing Services

Change the feel of your furniture with Rahn’s refinishing services. Our refinishing treatments can help to highlight the natural grain of the wood, emphasizing its organic beauty. We can also refinish to hide uneven grain and other flaws. Do you wish your piece was darker? We can make it happen. Our refinishing service includes stain, linseed oil or tung oil as finishes like varnish, lacquer, and shellac. We can help you determine the right finish for you based on how you plan to use the piece.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Whitter and Southern California at large were a big part of the Mid-Century Modern movement, embracing its design principles, preferred materials, and clean lines. Because of this, the area has more Mid-Century Modern pieces than almost anywhere else in the country. While we can work with any type of furniture, we specialize in the restoration, repair, and refinishing of Mid-Century Modern pieces.

And it is important that you turn to a team experienced with this era in design. We have spent a lot of time learning the technicalities and details of treating Mid-Century Modern pieces. Plus, we take great pride in being able to preserve this part of our history. As such, when we work with these pieces, we use period-appropriate materials so we can maintain integrity and authenticity.

Our Facilities

We have already talked about our skilled specialists and detailed processes, but in addition to these aspects, our facilities also play a vital role in delivering quality results. We maintain a large, open workspace that is well ventilated but protected from the elements. We keep our machinery and tools up to date, replacing them often and embracing advancements in technology when it makes sense to do so. This ensures that all repairs are performed accurately with impressive precision.

In addition to this, we follow all safety standards to ensure a safe environment for both our workers and your furniture. We are diligent in removing all fire hazards and strive to limit pollution from toxic substances used in furniture restoration.

Whittier’s Home for Quality Furniture Restoration

Your antique and heirloom furniture are more than mere possessions. They are a part of history, and a part of your family. Furniture has stories to be told, and as such, it deserves the very best care and attention possible. Our goal is to honor this history while reviving the piece, making it everything you want it to be.

Rahn’s furniture Restoration is based in Santa Fe Springs, which is just a short trip from Whittier. We are happy to pick up and drop off your furniture for you, making the whole process easy. With decades of experience in furniture restoration, repair, and refinishing, we are the team to turn to for your antique and heirloom furniture. Our commitment to customer service includes reasonable pricing so that your commitment to your most cherished furniture won’t break your bank. Give us a call today for an estimate on your repair or restoration. We cannot wait to help you find the beauty in your furniture once more.