Premier Furniture Services for the City of Signal Hill

If you have beloved furniture that needs to be repaired, restored, or refinished, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration can help. We are the leader in high-quality furniture services in Signal Hill and the surrounding areas. With each job we take on, we offer a customized approach that takes your concerns into consideration while also looking at the tools and approaches that are best suited to the needs of the piece. No matter the age of your furniture or the style, we have the technology, tools, and approaches needed to transform it. The end result is your furniture looking exactly as you want it to look.

Furniture Repair

Both antique and contemporary furniture can become damaged by time, use, and accidents. Common problems we are asked to repair include stains, gouges, discoloration, burn damage, and cracked veneer. More serious repairs we can tackle include missing pieces, structural problems with the joints, and splits in the wood. We can also repair common problems in furniture with rushing or caning.

The Rahn’s team has truly seen and repaired it all. Because of this, we have a repair solution for even the most unusual of problems. We can work with any type of wood, of any age, in any finish, offering repairs that respect the integrity of the piece. We onset each piece with a tailored approach, and we can complete the repair on its own or as part of a larger restoration project.

Furniture Restoration

Restorations are similar to repairs, but differ in the scale of the work and the purpose of the work. Repairs are mostly focused on the function and condition of the piece. Restoration has more to do with the artistry of it; the focus can be on small issues, such as removing buildup of grime, or on larger issues that take away from the aesthetic value of the piece. Repairs and restoration can be completed separately or as a large project.

We know how important your precious pieces are to you, and because of that, we only employ true restoration experts. These technicians can help you achieve any goal you have for your furniture, from making it look like new to finding the best way to showcase its natural patina. Before any work begins, we will fully explain the process we intend to use, the cost of completion, and anything else of interest. It is important that you feel comfortable and confident in our work.

Furniture Refinishing

When we fall in love with wood furniture, the finish is almost always a part of this. So if your piece has a finish that isn’t what you want it to be or is looking worse for wear, you will want to change it. Our furniture refinishing service can help make your furniture something you can fall in love with all over again.

The finish on your furniture is not just an aesthetic issue; it also impacts the value of the piece. Because of this, refinishing can be completed on its own or as part of the larger restoration process. When we refinish your piece, we can preserve the imperfection that gives your piece its charm, hide those that do not, bring out the beauty of the grain, or hide the grain to give it a sleeker look. Whatever you are looking for from the process, we can offer it to you.

Our team has extensive experience working with all possible finishing options, from basic wood staining to the detailed application of lacquer and shellac. In every case, the finished product will exceed your expectation, meeting our high standards for excellence.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Repair, Restoration, and Refinishing

Mid-Century Modern is a design style that was born in California, having been incredibly popular in Signal Hill. As such, many residents collect these pieces or have had them passed down within their families over the generations. Because the area has an abundance of this furniture style, we have worked to offer specialized techniques specifically targeting this design style.

This design movement embraced some materials that were unusual at that time, such as Plexiglass, glass, plastic, stainless steel, plywood, and Lucite. All of these materials are fragile and require special care when repairing, restoring, or refinishing them. Our staff is trained on how to work with these materials, preserving the look and value of your Mid-Century Modern furniture. When we need to replace material as part of the repair or restoration process, we do our utmost to source period-appropriate materials that fully maintain that unique, mid-century modern look and feel.

Our Facilities

While skilled technicians are vital to the process of repairing, restoring, and refinishing antique and modern furniture, so are the facilities where the work is completed. Rahn’s furniture has carefully designed our facilities so that they support our professionals in their work and keep your furniture safe. We carry out all projects at our specialized home base in Santa Fe Springs. Our facilities are stocked with all the tools and materials needed to complete jobs both large and small. As part of our enduring commitment to our customers, staff and the health of the community, we meet or exceed guidelines for safety and interior and exterior air quality.

Signal Hill’s Source for Quality Restoration and Repair

Signal Hill is a community filled with those who love the charm and history of antique furniture. If you count yourself among these enthusiasts, it is important to give your furniture the best possible care. Should you choose to work with Rahn’s, we will pick up your furniture and transport it to our facility so you do not need to worry about damaging it during transport. When finished, we will bring it back to your home and place it in the desired location. With Rahn’s, you get convenient, affordable service that delivers incredible results. For an estimate on projects of all sizes, give us a call today. We look forward to making your treasured piece the best it can be.