furniture-high-gloss-finish-los-angelesMany people prefer to have their furniture refinished with paint rather than a wood stain. Paint has certain advantages over stain, and knowledge of these advantages will help you make an informed decision. Semi-gloss paint is a common option for furniture painting. When properly applied, this type of paint can enhance the look of your refinished pieces while simultaneously protecting them from damage and wear and tear. Trust the professionals at Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing to assess your needs, help you pick the right paint for your situation, and give your refinished furniture a flawless, durable appearance that will accentuate your home for years to come.

Paint vs. Stain

Paint and stain both contain a pigment or color, as well as a binder that holds the color in place after drying. However, that’s where the similarities between the two products largely end. When you paint a piece of furniture, the pigment forms a thin covering on the wood’s surface and doesn’t penetrate further. On the other hand, when you stain a piece of furniture, the pigment sinks into the wood’s pores. Among other things, this means that paint hides wood’s natural grain pattern, while stain typically enhances the grain pattern. In addition, paint comes in a number of brightness levels (known as sheens), while stain only comes in a subdued, flat sheen.

A number of factors help determine when painting your refinished furniture makes more sense than wood staining. Part of the decision is aesthetic, as some people simply prefer the look of painted furniture over the look of stained furniture. However, depending on your needs, paint also has several practical advantages over stain. First, if the wood in your antique or contemporary furniture lacks a prominent or pleasing grain pattern, the application of an opaque coat of paint may produce more pleasing results than the application of transparent or semi-transparent stain. The use of paint also increases your refinishing options, since paint comes in a much wider range of colors.

The experts at Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing have extensive experience working with both paint and wood stain. We can help you determine which option will work best for your refinishing project. And whether you choose paint or stain, we will make sure your restored furniture pieces meet your standards for beauty and functionality.

What Is Semi-Gloss Paint?

The sheen level of paint is determined by the ratio of pigment and binder. Paints with relatively high amounts of pigment and low amounts of binder have a dull, flat appearance, while paints with relatively high amounts of binder and low amounts of pigment have a bright or glossy appearance. The highest binder levels produce the very bright appearance that characterizes high-gloss paint. Semi-gloss paint has a lower binder-to-pigment ratio than high-gloss paint, but still contains more binder than any other type of paint. Like all other types of paint, semi-gloss varieties commonly come in a water-based latex form, as well as an oil-based form that contains a mixture of natural oils and manmade chemicals.

Why Choose Semi-Gloss?

There are several possible reasons to refinish your furniture with semi-gloss paint. First, the high amount of binder in this type of paint makes it more durable than everything else except high-gloss paint. This means that an application of semi-gloss will help keep your furniture protected from the wear and tear of frequent use.

Semi-gloss paint can also protect your furniture from other potential sources of damage, including water and grease stains. For this reason, many people choose a semi-gloss option for their refinished kitchen table and chairs. In addition, semi-gloss paint can add an aesthetically pleasing amount of brightness to furniture pieces throughout your house. An in-depth discussion with the experienced staff at Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing can help you determine if semi-gloss is the right choice for you.

The Furniture Painting Process

Furniture painting may seem like a simple task, but in fact, it is an intricate process that requires considerable care and experience to achieve consistent, high-quality results. The process begins with preparing the wood on your antique or contemporary pieces to receive paint. Preparation typically starts with a thorough sanding of your piece in order to remove any dirt, as well as any accumulated residue from waxing and polishing. If the furniture you want to refinish is currently painted, this step may call for the use of a liquid deglosser that eats away paint’s durable gloss shell. After deglossing and an initial round of sanding, repair of any structural problems in your pieces can take place. Another round of sanding typically follows any needed repairs.

The next step in the painting process is the application of an undercoat called a primer. This priming layer helps the actual paint form a better bond with your furniture’s surface. It also makes your paint more durable and adds an extra layer of protection for the finished piece. After priming comes the application of latex- or oil-based semi-gloss paint. While this is one of the most straightforward steps in the process, it still requires a steady hand, and a knowledge of how paint and wood interact. After the paint dries, many people follow up with the application of a thin, protective outer coat of a clear sealant. Sealant works especially well for kitchen tables and other frequently used flat furniture surfaces.

At Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing, our highly skilled staff has decades of experience taking antique and contemporary furniture through each step of the painting process. After consulting with you, we acquire your desired type and color of semi-gloss paint, completely prepare your furniture for painting, and expertly apply the primer coat, the paint itself, and (when requested) an additional clear sealant coat. The end product of this rigorous process is refinished furniture that meets your highest expectations for durability, quality and exemplary appearance.

The Refinishing Specialists

Over the course of four decades, Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing has established a sterling reputation as Southern California’s home of top-quality furniture refurbishing. With our expert staff, convenient in-home pickup and delivery, responsive customer service, and specialized facilities for every sort of refinishing project, we seek to provide you with the very best while keeping costs within an affordable range. Call us today to discuss the available options for your current and future refurbishing needs.