When it comes to restoring antique furniture, great care should always be taken throughout the process. However, some pieces require greater care than others simply because they are so incredibly rare. While most homes had dining tables, making them quite common in the antique world, few homes had hairdressing tables; as such, they are a rare find.

If you come across an English hairdressing table that is in less-than-ideal condition, our restoration services can help restore it to its former glory. Whether you are seeking restoration for a new find or a family heirloom, we will provide you with the very best service, designed to maintain beauty and value.

Discreet and Conservative Restoration

Part of what makes antique furniture so desirable is that it tells a story. And when you remove finishes, layers of wood, or even pieces of the furniture, it is like ripping chapters out of a book. This is tragic in any circumstance, but even more so with rare pieces, such as English hairdressing tables. As such, we take great care to elevate the look of the piece without erasing its history; our goal is to take the most discreet and conservative approach possible.

Combining Repair and Restoration

Restoration is focused on the aesthetics of a piece; the goal of the process is to make the furniture look its best while also preserving the history and patina. Repair is focused on the function of a piece; the goal is to make it safe and usable.

Because the goal is to preserve history, most owners of English hairdressing tables are focused more on restoration than repair; few owners intend to use the table themselves, thinking of it more as a conversation piece and investment. However, if the hairdressing table is not stable, it is not safe. At the very least, we recommend that you consider any repairs we recommend that help keep your piece safe, even if you don’t need it to be fully functional.

Is Restoration a Good Choice?

Restoring your English hairdressing table is an investment, so you might be wondering if it’s the right one to make. Seeing as this type of furniture is quite rare, restoring it is advisable in most cases. However, there are some things to consider.

First, will restoration be able to save the piece? In some cases, antique furniture is simply too far gone to be saved by conservative restoration processes. When this happens, extensive restoration is needed, and could include mixing new wood with the antique wood. If your goal is to maintain history or increase value, this will not do.

Second, does the piece hold sentimental value for you? If you want to restore your English hairdressing table more for the joy it brings you or the memories attached to the piece than the history and monetary value, even if extensive restoration is needed, you will likely find that it is worth the investment.

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration Services

If you are considering restoring your English hairdressing table, we can help you determine if it is the right choice for you. We are happy to view the piece in your home or transport it to our facilities for an extensive evaluation. If you decide that restoration is the best choice, we will work with you to create a plan that restores beauty and preserves the history of the piece.

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