Since 1976, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration has been providing the residents of Los Angeles with high-quality restoration work for their priceless antique furniture. Just as the city of Los Angeles prides itself on its dedication to the cultural arts, so we too at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration reflect this passion in our work. We also pride ourselves on our old-world craftsmanship combined with our dual ability to keep up with the latest trends in furniture design. It is this coupling of our timeless skillset and modern aesthetic that sets us apart from the rest. That, as well as our dedication to you. We always strive to bring you our very best work while following your desires for the refurbished piece, as well as crafting your ideal piece in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our Services

At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we understand how prized a piece of furniture can be, particularly if it is a cherished family heirloom. You can trust the experts at Rahn to restore the piece to the condition you desire, while maintaining the spirit of the piece. No matter what has happened to the object, whether it has been damaged in some manner, is worn with time, or has missing pieces such as drawers or handles, we at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration can breathe new life into said furniture. Please read on for a more in-depth description on our various services:

  • Water Damage Repair – If your furniture is affected by water damaged, no matter the amount, the look and value of the piece may be ruined. Types of water damage include finish damage, damage to the wood itself, upholstery damage, and waterlogging, usually due to flooding. At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we have the tools and knowledge to repair the warped look of the water damaged furniture and restore your beloved piece to its original splendor.
  • Fire Damage Repair – When a fire afflicts your home, you have many things to be concerned about. After you assess the damage and find your antique furniture has some degree of fire damage, contact the experts at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration. We have the methods to restore fire damaged wood furniture, upholstery, and water and chemical damage, all depending on the degree of severity the piece has suffered.
  • Replacement – Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is also the furniture experts when it comes to replacing furniture pieces. Be it missing or warped drawers, handles on dressers, or legs and arms on chairs, we can create replacement pieces to perfectly match the existing furniture.
  • Finish, Stains & Lacquer – At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we are able to add a beautiful luster and shine to your antique furniture. We offer a wide variety of finishes for you to consider, from semi-gloss and high-gloss, to flat finishes and colored lacquers, however you would like your furniture to look. We can also add a stain to your piece that matches its current color. In addition to aesthetic appeal, finishes and lacquers also protect your piece from exterior harm.
  • Upholstery – Upholstery has the ability to completely transform your antique furniture. Whether your piece has upholstery already and you wish to change it out with fresh cushioning and fabric, or you simply wish to add upholstery to a wooden chair, sofa or stool, we at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration have the expertise to create what you want.
  • Caning & Rushing – If you wish to add a level of comfort to the seats or backs of a chair without adding upholstery, caning and rushing are techniques you may consider. Caned furniture creates an intricate threaded pattern, while rushing is a woven rope technique, both allowing for comfort and breathing and have been used for centuries.
  • Era-Specific Restoration – One of our specialties at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is to take your furniture and restore it to match a specific era. You may have a regular piece of modern furniture that you wish to give an antique look to, for the purposes of resale value. One of our most popular requests is for mid-century restoration. We use a variety of techniques to take your furniture and give it an antique appearance that is specific to the 1930s-1960s. What makes this look distinct is clean lines, geometric shapes, and contrasting colors and fabrics.

Whether you need repair work, restoration work for older pieces, or wish to give your modern pieces an antique look, our experts at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration can make your vision come into fruition.

Why Choose Rahn’s Furniture Restoration?

At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, our goal is to create the look our customers have in mind for their furniture, as well as increase its resale value. There is no job too big or small for us, and our 40 years in the business makes us the absolute experts in traditions and techniques old and new.

Additionally, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is fully insured and licensed by the air quality control board of Los Angeles, as well as the Los Angeles Fire Department, so our customers never have to worry about leaving their cherished furniture on our premises. We also strive to be environmentally conscious in our restoration work; paving the way for how furniture repair and refurbishment businesses should champion the natural environment by using eco-friendly methods and materials where possible.

You may think that your furniture is damaged beyond repair, but it has been our sincere pleasure over the last 40 years to wow customers with our restoration abilities. Once we have your furniture in our shop, we can assess the damage or work needed and discuss a plan of action for you, taking into account your desire for the piece. We can also pick up the furniture from your Los Angeles-area home or office and safely deliver it back to you.

When it comes to restoring and repairing your cherished furniture, trust the professionals at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration. We will bring your beloved furniture back to life! For more information or to set up an assessment, call us today at 562-921-4922.