furniture-storage-facilities-los-angelesFor a number of reasons, you may need to temporarily remove your valuable furniture from your home and store it at another location. When suchLos Angeles Furniture Storage Facilities a need arises, you’ll want to know that your possessions will remain safe and secure while in storage. You’ll also want to know that the storage facility you choose will provide you with a professional level of service, adapt to the requirements of your specific situation, and help you minimize any possible disruption to your household and lifestyle. Count on the experts at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration to keep your furniture protected for the duration.

Storage During Home Renovation

While renovation can ultimately improve your home’s look and function, the process can also cause significant household disruption. In turn, the disruption produced by a home renovation can put your valuable furniture pieces at risk of unintended collateral damage. For instance, if the renovation process calls for removal of walls, ceilings or roofing, the temporary loss of weather protection may expose your furniture to damage from precipitation or UV rays. Other possible problems include the sawdust and concrete dust produced during renovations, paint used during the latter stages of your project, and structural furniture damage accidentally caused by contractors working in your home.

In some cases, you may be able to partially reduce the risk to your furniture by covering it up or moving it to other areas of your house. However, in many instances, these are simply not practical solutions. For example, even covered furniture in a renovation work area may be at risk for substantial cosmetic or structural damage. In addition, furniture in a renovation zone may cause significant clutter and limit efficient access to the workspace. The same clutter-related problems may restrict access to other parts of your home if you move your furniture to other rooms for the duration of your home improvement project.

Storage After a Disaster

Unfortunately, disaster can strike any home in the form of such things as a fire, flood or earthquake. The damage produced by these types of events can be extreme. In addition to dealing with the direct aftermath of a disaster, you must consider the impact on items in your home that have survived intact, but remain vulnerable to future problems if left in a structurally compromised building. You also must consider the need to renovate or reconstruct the damaged areas of your home.

As a rule, both of these scenarios call for removal and storage of your valuable furniture. In parts of your residence compromised by a disaster, removal and storage in a safe facility may be the only way to ensure that you will not suffer any additional loss of property. The continued presence of your furniture during the renovation process creates another risk for damage, and also creates the clutter-related issues associated with any renovation scenario.

Our Storage Services

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration does not operate as a public storage facility. Instead, we provide services for people who need to store their valuable furniture during a renovation project, or in the wake of a disaster. If you’re scheduling a renovation, you can contact us in advance and reserve space for the duration of your project. In the aftermath of a disaster, you can call us and arrange storage right away for any valuable pieces remaining in your home. In either situation, we will travel to your home, pick up your furniture and transport it to our on-site facilities.

Our Storage Facilities

At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we store your furniture in individual vaults that are 5’x7’x7’ in size. Our facility contains a large number of these vaults, and we can easily accommodate all of the furniture from your home or office. While inside our vaults, each of your pieces is safe from damage and dust accumulation. You can also rest assured that your furniture will be secure on our premises. Our locked facility makes use of closed-circuit video cameras that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This continual surveillance means that we always have an eye on your belongings.

Working With Your Insurance Company

After a disaster, you will almost certainly need to contact your insurance carrier and begin the potentially difficult and extended process of making claims for your lost and damaged property. Among other things, your carrier will likely want to know that your remaining valuable property is safe and out of harm’s way at the earliest possible opportunity. If you can’t provide verifiable assurance on this point, you may incur a substantial increase in your overall assessed property loss.

When you store your furniture with Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we’ll act as a liaison between you and your insurance company. Specifically, we will contact your company and let them know that you’ve moved your furniture to a secure facility. This third-party assurance can help you limit your losses and reduce the hassle of working out the details of your insurance claims. We will also provide your carrier with an accurate quote for the cost of any required furniture restoration work.

Combining Storage with Refurbishing

In some cases, the furniture that you want to store will have cosmetic or structural problems that call for some sort of refurbishing or repair. In these situations, you can combine the benefits of storage with the benefits of refinishing and repair performed by our staff of experienced, highly qualified professionals. Whether your valuable pieces need minor or major work done, we will provide you with an accurate cost estimate and a finished product that meets every expectation for lasting quality. When your renovation is complete, your restored furniture will complete your home’s interior.

Count on Rahn’s Furniture Restoration

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration has served communities throughout Southern California for more than 40 years. During that time, we have gained and maintained a reputation for quality work, professional integrity, reasonable prices and excellent customer service. You can rely on us to safeguard your treasured furniture, help you negotiate the stressful aftermath of a home disaster, and help you get your household up and running smoothly after renovation or reconstruction. Call us today to reserve storage space and make arrangements for an in-home pickup of your furniture.