furniture-semi-gloss-finish-los-angelesPaint is a very popular option for furniture refinishing. When applied with an expert hand, a painted surface can greatly enhance the look of your pieces, in addition to Los Angeles Furniture High Gloss Finishadding a practical layer of protection for everyday use. High-gloss paint produces a distinctive appearance and maximizes the protective benefits of the painting process. Call on the refurbishing experts at Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing to give your antique or contemporary pieces a high-gloss look that meets your personal standards for excellence and affordability.

Should You Paint or Stain?

Paint and wood stain differ in a couple of important ways, and your needs will determine which option works best for you. Like stain, paint contains a color or pigment, in addition to a substance called a binder, which holds the pigment to the surface during the drying process. However, unlike stain — which can come in a semitransparent or transparent form — paint is opaque. When applied, paint sticks to the outer layer of wood, while stain penetrates further into the pores in a wood surface. The characteristics of paint give it the ability to cover the naturally occurring grain pattern in wood, while stain usually makes the grain pattern stand out more prominently. In addition, unlike stain—which has just one relatively flat brightness level or sheen—paint comes in a range of sheens, from very flat to very bright.

Some people choose paint over stain as a refinishing option simply because they prefer the look of a painted surface. Since it hides grain patterns, paint may be especially useful if your wood furniture has irregular or unsightly grain characteristics. In addition, the range of colors available from paint product lines is much wider than the range available from stain product lines. This means that you may have greater flexibility when blending the look of painted contemporary or antique furniture with your existing décor.

At Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing, we have decades of experience applying paint and wood stain to all kinds of refurbished furniture pieces. Whether your project is large or small, we can help you decide when paint will meet your needs better than wood stain. And regardless of which option you choose, our highly skilled staff will produce a finished product that brings your furniture’s beauty to the foreground.

What Is High-Gloss Paint?

All types of paint are graded according to the amounts of pigment and binder they contain. Paints with a high pigment-to-binder ratio have a characteristically flat or dull look when dry. On the other hand, paints with a high binder-to-pigment ratio have a characteristically bright and three-dimensional appearance. High-gloss paint is an exceptionally bright product that has a higher binder content than any other type of paint on the market.

Some high-gloss products come in a water-based formula known as latex paint. Others come in an oil-based formula that contains a mixture of linseed oil (or other natural oils) and synthetic compounds. Water-based paints are safer to apply, dry relatively fast, clean up easily, resist cracking and have a high degree of color stability. Oil-based paints go on smoothly, produce a glossier finish than water-based paints and have a high level of durability.

Why Choose High-Gloss?

High-gloss paint has qualities that make it a perfect option for certain furniture refinishing projects. For example, the high binder content in this type of paint produces a very tough surface and superior resistance to everyday wear and tear. The same durability makes high-gloss paint quite easy to clean. High-gloss products are also quite resistant to grease and water damage. This fact makes the paint a popular option for refinishing kitchen tables and chairs. You may also choose high-gloss paint for any other furniture with surfaces that often get dirty or see frequent use.

The refurbishing professionals at Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing will fully explain the pros and cons of using high-gloss paint on your contemporary or antique furniture pieces. We give advice for specific circumstances and help you choose the right option for your project. Whatever choices you make, we help you meet your need for functional, aesthetically pleasing furniture.

The Rahn’s Painting Process

You might be tempted to try painting your contemporary or antique furniture at home. However, the multi-step furniture painting process requires great care, and only experienced professionals have the skills and training required to successfully complete the process with reliable, repeatable results. Before the application of any paint, your furniture pieces must be sanded. This stage of the process produces a wood surface free from any imperfections or residue that could potentially interfere with the smooth adherence of paint. The preparation stage may also require the use of a product called a deglosser, which helps strip away any existing paint on your furniture.

After sanding and deglossing, your furniture must be covered with a priming layer. This layer serves a couple of important functions. First, it ensures that any applied paint will completely bond to the surface of your furniture. The priming layer also extends the useful life of your pieces by making paint more resistant to cracking and peeling.

When priming is complete, your furniture will receive multiple coats of water-based or oil-based high-gloss paint. It takes a steady hand to apply each of these coats without creating imperfections that will mar the appearance of the final product. Many projects call for the addition of a clear sealant to the outer layer of dried paint. This sealant helps protect your furniture from daily wear and tear, as well as accidental damage.

The experts at Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing thoroughly understand each step of the painting process. After consulting with you about your preferences, we select a top-quality high-gloss paint suitable for your project. Before painting, we strictly observe best practices for the preparation of your valued furniture. We maintain this high standard during primer application, paint application and (if required) the application of a protective coat of clear sealant.

The Professional Choice

For forty years, Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing has served as Southern California’s leader for high-quality refurbishing at an affordable price. Whether you need help with a single furniture piece or multiple pieces throughout your household, you can rely on our expertise, friendly service, top-notch materials and dedicated refurbishing facilities. In all circumstances, we strive to meet your ideal outcome. Contact us today for information on pricing, scheduling and our convenient in-home pickup and delivery program.