los-angeles-furniture-vandalism-repairIf you’ve had a recent house or business break-in then it’s likely you’ve been left with damaged furniture. Furniture vandalism is usually caused by thieves rummaging for valuables in a home orLos Angeles Furniture Vandalism Repair business or by vandals who are simply bent on damaging the property of others. In either case, these intruders often leave a trail of broken and scarred furniture in their wake for the owner and insurance claims adjuster to sort out.

The Types of Furniture Vandalism We Typically See Are:

  • Wood gouging and pry marks around locks on cabinet doors, credenzas and desks
  • Broken locks and latches on drawers and doors
  • Broken drawer fronts and broken cabinet doors, frames and glass
  • Missing furniture drawers taken by thieves to carry loot out
  • Broken table and chair joints or legs
  • Surface gouging, scratching and graffiti carving
  • Spray-painted graffiti on wooden and upholstered furniture
  • Slashed upholstery

We’ll Help You Recover Your Loss and Peace of Mind

If you’ve suffered malicious damage to your valuable furniture, then let the experts here at Rahn’s Furniture & Restoration help you. While this kind of damage to expensive furniture is always heartbreaking and a financial setback to the owner, the furniture is often repairable in the skilled hands of our repair and restoration craftsmen.

Antique, vintage, mid-century and some modern fine furniture pieces are often irreplaceable, which leaves the owner with only two options when a valuable piece is damaged: write off the loss, or repair the damage. Don’t discard your item ― our full-service restoration shop can restore your vandalized furniture back to its pre-damaged beauty, structural integrity and value. Unless an item has been rendered irreparable, we can fully restore it so you’ll have many years of continued use and enjoyment. You can bring the damaged piece to our shop, or ― if damages were done to large or multiple pieces ― our courteous expert will come to your home or business. After a careful evaluation of the structural, surface, hardware, or upholstery damage, we will give you a fair and honest repair estimate for your insurance claim and your peace of mind.

Our services include:

  • Upholstery repairs and re-upholstering
  • Broken leg repair or perfectly matching replacement
  • Broken joint and frame repair
  • Gouge and Scratch removal and surface refinishing
  • Paint removal and matching finish restoration
  • Jimmied lock and latch replacement
  • Drawer replacements matched to the original construction, style and finish
  • Broken drawer and cabinet door repair and restoration

All Types of Quality Furniture Repaired

Most modern, moderately priced cabinets, credenzas, desks, and dressers are typically made of composite materials and cheaply constructed with simple staple and glue butt joints, drawers supported on plastic or metal gliders, stapled mitered joints in corners and doors, and dressed with a veneer or laminate surface. Quite honestly, while damage to this type of furniture may be repairable, the cost of repairs is usually not justifiable. In stark contrast, antique and vintage pieces were meticulously handcrafted, with solid hardwoods, tight-fitting joinery techniques (such as classic through dovetail, biscuit, mortise & tenon and tongue & groove joints), and finished off with hand applied sealers, stains, varnishes, and lacquers. When we repair and restore these beautiful pieces we use the same time-honored techniques that were used by the original builder.

Preserving Your Furniture’s Value

We take great pride in our ability to return the form, function and value to your damaged antique, vintage, mid-century modern, and fine modern furniture. We invite you to contact us for a repair and restoration estimate for your furniture including:

  • Antique ― From prized Georgian and Victorian furniture to turn-of-the-century Hoosier cabinets, we can return your damaged antique pieces to their former beauty and value.
  • Vintage and Mid Century Modern ― Our team can restore your damaged Eames chair, Finn Juhl upholstered teak sofa, Widdicomb walnut table, or any prized furniture piece from this era. And yes, we’re name dropping. But we want you to know we understand the historical significance of designer pieces like these and how important the quality of their repair and restoration is to you.
  • Fine Contemporary Furniture ― Unlike antique and mid-century furniture, the value of modern designer furniture is based solely on your investment rather than its rarity. But, when this furniture is maliciously damaged the pain and financial loss can be just as traumatic. Our craftsmen and upholsterers can restore your fine furniture to its new, showroom quality and beauty.

Repairs Done Right by Skilled Craftsmen

Many antique furniture pieces are one-offs that were custom handmade, and much of the vintage mid-century furniture was very well-designed and built in limited production runs. This fine old furniture is rare, which makes it highly valuable and usually irreplaceable. When wood, upholstery and hardware damage occurs, our top-of-the-line quality repair and restoration is called for. Here at Rahn’s Furniture Refinishing, we believe that your furniture deserves the very best after-damage repair to bring it back to its former condition by restoring the design and quality built into it by the original manufacturer.

Our team consists of highly trained, local craftsmen uniquely skilled in the art of furniture repair and restoration. Much of the antique and vintage furniture that we bring back to life requires very skilled, time-honored techniques and specialized tools that may not be known and used by less skilled franchise and mobile restoration technicians. So, when you have valuable furniture that has been damaged, don’t rely on undertrained, inexperienced repairmen to do the job. The repair of your valuable furniture should only be entrusted to craftsmen who can truly and skillfully return the piece to its former beauty, form and function.

Here at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration we’re not just about antique and fine furniture either. We are often called on to repair and restore furniture from schools, churches, and clubs that has been vandalized or otherwise damaged, and we always welcome the opportunity to take on these projects. We are all about providing quality service and the finest work to every customer. We are a local, family-owned business and have earned a five-star reputation for providing quality service for over 30 years. Call us at 562-921-4922 or send us an email for an expert damage repair and restoration estimate.