los-angeles-furniture-replacement-piecesFurniture is designed to be used. Over the years, that use can cause wear and tear and damage. For example, one chair from a dining room set canLos Angeles Furniture Replacement Pieces develop a broken or missing leg, leaving you with an unbalanced dining set. Or, furniture can become damaged in a fire or flood. In cases where the damage cannot be repaired, you will require the help of an expert furniture restorer. Rahn’s Furniture Restoration provides the skilled craftsmen required to create a new piece to replace the missing piece, or missing part.

How does Rahn’s Furniture Create new Replacement Parts?

Whether you experience an accident, theft, or vandalism, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration can help. The range of services that we offer range from a small repair, for example, to the brace on a chair leg, to making a completely new chair to match perfectly with your existing set. We can replace a missing table top, or replacing the whole table. No matter how much of your piece is missing, we have the vast body of knowledge and experience required to match the parts, materials, and colors of the original items. If you have a piece of furniture that you are unsure what to do with, contact us at Rahn’s. We will be happy to evaluate your piece and give you an estimate, then start the hassle-free process to restore your furniture to you in perfect condition.


To make the process as easy for you as possible, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration will collect your furniture from your home or office and safely deliver it to our workshop.


As soon as we receive your furniture, we carry out a complete assessment of the piece. For some people, certain damage may seem unrepairable. But, you will be surprised at what can actually be recovered at the hands of a skilled and talented restorer. Once we have had the opportunity to make a proper plan to restore the piece, we will consult with you, and begin the process. From this moment forward, we will agree on which parts to restore, and which ones to create from scratch.

Before We Start Working on Your Furniture

Once we are ready to start the work, the first step is to identify the exact wood to be used. Identifying the correct wood requires an expert eye, as many kinds of wood look almost the same, but have subtle differences that can only be seen when the piece is finished. Depending on the age of the piece, we may recommend certain strategies for treating the wood to ensure that the part, or piece, matches the rest of the piece or set.

Making a Replacement Part

The first job is to make a detailed drawing of the part to be created. If the part is present but damaged, this part is used as the pattern for the new piece. In the case where the original part is missing, and there is no matching piece that can be referenced, we search through an extensive database until we find the exact style that has the pattern. While machinery can speed up the initial shaping of the replacement part, often, particularly with an older item, the part was hand-made. To produce an identical match, this requires that our skilled craftsmen do the same. With parts that were originally hand-made, there tend to be slight nuances in the manufacture that no machine can recreate.

Re-Fitting the New Part

As far as is possible, the same method used to fit the original part is used to fit the replacement part. It is not always possible to follow the exact original method, as some materials from previous eras are no longer permitted for use. But Rahn’s Furniture will use the best available materials and practices to ensure that your part is virtually identical to the missing part.

Refinishing the Replacement Part

The intention at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is that when the piece is finished, the replacement part will blend in perfectly with the original. No matter how well the new part is made, unless it has a matching finish, it will stand out from the rest of the piece. Matching and preparing the finish color is a highly skilled craft. Knowledge of the way the wood absorbs the color and the way that color changes as it dries requires years of experience. When we’re finished with your piece, a visitor to your home should not be able to tell which piece has been repaired, or which piece is the newly manufactured piece.

A New Piece to Match Your Existing Pieces

Sometimes you want an additional piece of furniture to compliment that which you already have. For example: you may want more chairs to suit a larger dining table; or, you have an occasional table and want a companion piece. At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we have the highly skilled craftsmen that will manufacture new furniture that will exactly match your antique or more modern furniture. We will use the same techniques and woods that were used during the construction of the original pieces.

Note: Some woods that were popular in the past are now banned in the United States by international treaties. Where possible, reclaimed timber can be used, or failing that, a substitute that will appear virtually identical.

Storage and Delivery

When we have completed the repairs or new manufacture of your furniture, we will store it in our controlled storage facility. As soon as you are ready to take receipt of it, let us know. We will arrange for its safe delivery to your home by our dedicated staff.

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration – The One Stop Solution for all Your Furniture Needs

Whatever your furniture needs, from repairs to reproducing a lost or missing part of a set, to refinishing or reupholstering tired and worn pieces, you can count on Rahn’s Furniture Restoration to have the perfect solution to all your needs. With our 40 years of experience, we can help you bring new life to your treasured furniture. Contact us today to discuss how we may assist you.