Over time, nearly all furniture will require some amount of repair, whether due to normal wear and tear from daily use or unexpected damage. When you find yourself in need of furniture repair, turn to the trusted experts at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration. With 40 years in the business, we have been offering knowledge and experience the residents of Los Angeles and Orange County trust.

The Quality of Our Work

When it comes to repairing furniture, we work to ensure that no trace of damage remains. By the time your piece is returned, you will not be able to tell that any damage ever occurred. Our repairs seamlessly integrate into the overall look while working to bring the piece back to its former luster.

Why Repair Instead of Replace?

When your piece of furniture is damaged, you might be wondering whether you should repair the piece or replace it. The decision you make should be based on several different factors: the quality of the furniture, the monetary value of the furniture, and the sentimental value of the furniture.

If the furniture is in need of repair is made from low-quality materials, the piece should be replaced rather than repair. While high-quality materials, such as solid woods, can be repaired so that they look as good as new, low-quality materials will likely never be restored to their original look. A better choice would be to invest in the purchase of quality furniture.

If the furniture has a high monetary value, like an antique piece, for example, the piece should be repaired, not replaced. We can offer repairs that leave no trace of our work, fixing the damage and maintaining the value of the piece.

Finally, even if the piece is not particularly valuable but you are quite attached to it, you should strongly consider repairing it. When it comes to sentimental pieces, there is no suitable replacement for them. Instead, allow us to breath new life into them so you can hold onto the furniture and the memories they provide.

Types of Furniture Repairs

General Repairs

General repairs are needed when has normal wear and tear. In general, these damages are not large problems and we can correct them with ease. By the time these repairs are completed, your furniture should have both its beauty and functionality fully restored. Below are some of the repairs we offer that fall into the category of general repairs, all of which we can perform quickly and professionally.

Loose or Broken Joints

With quality furniture, it takes a while for problems with joints to develop; however, this is the most common place a problem will occur on a piece of furniture. Joints hold the item together, and that means that they consistently encounter stress during use. If you notice that your furniture wobbles, sways, or seems unstable in another way, bring it to us before the problem worsens. If the joint is already broken, however, we can still repair it for you.

Uneven Legs

Uneven legs are problematic for several reasons. First of all, any time the stability of a piece is compromised, so is its safety. Furthermore, wobbly furniture is not comfortable to use, as it constantly moves from side to side any time you or someone else gets up, or changes positions. Finally, when the legs are uneven, there is also an uneven distribution of force on the joints, which can weaken them and lead to further repairs. We can address this issue by evening up the legs through the addition of an adjusting pad, or by shortening the longer legs.

Surface Damage

Types of surface damage are dents, dings, scratches, nicks, gouges, and cracks. When the damage to the surface of your piece is minor, we can repair it through spot applications, waxing, buffing, and finishing the affected area rather than having to perform similar repairs to the entire piece. However, if the damage is significant, a full refinishing process may be necessary to restore the piece.

Fire Damage

Most damage a furniture suffers is fairly simple to repair, however, there are types of damage that require very skilled technicians to correct them. Fire damage is perhaps the most significant damage that a piece of furniture can have. For our team of professional conservators, repairing fire damage is one of our specialties and something we take great pride in. Not only is repairing fire damage a difficult job to complete, but by restoring the piece to how it looked before it received fire damage, we are giving our clients the chance to hold onto their memories after a truly devastating tragedy.

While fire damage can seriously degrade the quality and integrity of your furniture, compromising its look and safety, our skilled restoration team can repair the majority of problems fire damage causes, including damage by smoke and open flame. Our professional restoration is key to reclaiming this part of your life; it offers specialized attention that goes far beyond general restoration and repair services.

Water Damage

Behind general repairs to fix damages such as loose joints, scratches, dents, uneven legs, etc., water damage is the most common type of repair needed for furniture. Whether due to flooding or a glass left where it shouldn’t be, water damage can harm the look, function, and value of your furniture. It is important that water damage is repaired as soon as you notice it to prevent the damage from becoming worse over time.

Water damage can fall into several different categories. Water damage to the finish of your piece is often the easiest to repair as it only affects the surface of the piece. Finish and wood damage occurs when the water damage has gone below the surface, causing issues with the wood. Upholstery damage is more difficult to repair as you cannot usually complete a spot correction like you can with finish damage, and the piece will often times require reupholstering. Finally, waterlogging is the most severe form of water damage; in this case, the water has penetrated deep into the wood, causing significant issues. We are able to work with all levels of water damage, allowing you to take pride in your furniture once more.

Replacement Parts

When a piece of furniture has received damage that is too significant to repair, part replacement is the most effective solution. Our furniture repair experts are able to fabricate replacement parts that perfectly match the piece or set, making the replacement undetectable.

To ensure a seamless look, we take into account all characteristics of the piece. The first step is to match the type of wood, spotting the subtle differences between wood types in order to make the perfect match. Once we know the correct type of wood to use, we work to age the wood in order to match the look of your furniture. Finally, we craft the replacement part to exactly match the piece, making it look as it did before the damage was sustained.

For Furniture Repair, work with the Furniture Restoration Experts

In business since the mid-1970’s we have nearly four decades of experience you can rely on. Over the years, we have completed thousands of repair jobs, both minor and significant. Between our training and experience, we offer the level of service you need for your precious furniture pieces. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn about our in-home pickup program.