Furniture refinishing is one of the best ways to restore wood to its original look or change the look completely to give it a look that better fits your tastes. Here at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we offer multiple refinishing options that can help you achieve the results you want for your contemporary or antique furniture. Whether you are merely looking to preserve the surface of your furniture, or restore the finish, and repair stains and minor crashes, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration can deliver the results you want for your piece. With nearly 40 years in the business, we are true experts, becoming the trusted furniture restoration and refinishing store for the residents of Los Angeles and Orange County..

What is Furniture Refinishing?

When refinishing a piece of furniture, the finish is either repaired or removed completely removed and refinished with a new one. Paint, lacquer, and varnish are just some of the finishes that can be used or altered through the refinishing process. The purpose of refinishing furniture is to either restore or change its appearance.

The makeup of finishes has changed over time, making it necessary to use an experienced conservator when refinishing antique furniture. In some cases, refinishing antique furniture may reduce its value in the process of improving its appearance because the makeup of the finish that is used does not match the original, even though the color matches. Our expert team will be able to help you decide if refinishing is the best option when examining your antique furniture.

What Are the Benefits to Refinishing?

The primary benefit of refinishing furniture is the improvement and restoration of its aesthetic. As furniture ages, its finish becomes dull and damaged. Refinishing restores the look of your piece, returning the surface to its original condition or giving it a brand new look.

During the refinishing process, various flaws can be repaired, including damage to the surface such as dents and scratches. Refinishing can also reveal more significant damage on the surface of your piece, fixing issues before they become worse and cause more damage to your piece.

In addition, applying new finish to the surface of your piece will seal it and protect it from the elements and most normal wear and tear. In addition to the protection refinishing provides, it also makes cleaning and regular maintenance easier. Overall, refinishing ensures a longer life for your furniture, allowing you to enjoy it for years to come.

The Quality of Our Service

We offer comprehensive furniture refinishing services that address the your unique needs. When refinishing is necessary when restoring a piece of furniture, we work to perfectly match the stains and finishes of your furniture with the originals used on the piece. For refinishing that is meant to alter the appearance, we give you multiple colors and finishes to choose from.

Our goal is to make sure you get the look you want with the quality you deserve. Below are some of the various refinishing options we offer:

Surface Finishes versus Penetrating Finishes

There are two main types of finishes to choose from: surface finishes and penetrating finishes. Surface finishes coat the outside of the piece without being absorbed by the wood, while penetrating finishes work their way into the wood’s underlying cellular structure. Despite the difference in the type of seal each finish provides, both options offer protection and a beautiful aesthetic.

Types of surface finishes include varnishes, shellac, lacquer, paste wax, and French polish. Penetrating finishes include linseed oil, tung oil, and resins. Each offers different features, including varied aesthetics and levels of protection.

Flat Finish

A Flat finish is ideal protect the surface and look of your furniture while providing a low shine finish look. Sometimes referred to as a matte finish, this option offers a subtle look that allows the stain and grain of the wood to shine through. With a flat finish, you can protect the surface of your furniture and remain true to its original design.

In a flat finish, ”flat” refers to the amount of sheen the finish has. Compared to most other finishes, flat finish is less shiny and less reflective. This makes it excellent at hiding dirt and fingerprints while also giving the piece a regal and reserved look. If you have a piece with a gloss or semi-gloss finish, we can easily change it to a flat finish.

Compared to other finishes, a flat finish is one of the least used, next to dull finish (which is often categorized as a flat finish). Because it is rarely used, it’s important that you work with experts at applying flat finish to ensure it is applied correctly. The Rahn’s refinishing team has been applying flat finishes to furniture for nearly four decades, making us the trusted refinishing store for the residents of Los Angeles and Orange County.

Semi-Gloss Finish

Semi-gloss finishes will protect your furniture while also giving it a brighter appearance. Semi-gloss finishes reflect light, adding a sense of depth to the piece that accents the stain on the wood of your furniture. A semi-gloss finish is great for most antique and contemporary furniture.

Semi-gloss falls between flat and high-gloss when it comes to sheen. Satin finishes are on the low end of this spectrum while the majority of semi-gloss options fall somewhere in the middle. Semi-gloss is a great option for those who want to make their furniture feel brighter without making it difficult to hide dirt and fingerprints.

Out of the finish options available, semi-gloss is the most common as it offers the best of both worlds: it provides a nice shine to your piece, accenting the grain and stain of your wood, while making it easy to hide fingerprints and dirt. We can offer you a wide variety of semi-gloss options, making it easy to achieve the look you desire.

High-Gloss Finish

Just like the other finishes, a high-gloss finish will protect your furniture, but this particular finish will give your piece a glistening aesthetic. It can give furniture a greater sense of depth, making the stain and every detail of the wood stand out, while also making the space feel brighter. While it can be applied to an antique furniture item, high-gloss finishes often look better on contemporary pieces.

Unlike flat and semi-gloss finishes, high-gloss can make dirt and fingerprints more visible. However, with the correct care, this will not be an issue. We can offer you various levels of high-gloss finish so you can get the look you’ve been dreaming of.

Colored Lacquers

For an eye-catching look, many individuals choose to apply a colored lacquer to their furniture. This wood treatment functions as a strong adhesive and protective coating while also bringing color to the piece. We offer many different colored lacquers in various shades, as well as clear lacquers, making it simple to achieve a custom look.

Wood surfaces on furniture that are sealed with lacquer are a lot more durable. The coat also repels dirt and dust, which is something other finishes cannot do, so maintaining your furniture will be much easier. We can customize the level of sheen for you with flat, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finish options.

Lacquer is a durable finish that, unlike paint, does not become brittle and crack over time.. If want to add color to your furniture while offering durable protection, a lacquer finish is the ideal alternative to paint. We can also use it to enhance the natural color of the wood by using a clear lacquer.

Color Matching and Staining

Applying a stain to your piece of furniture is the best way to achieve a traditional look. We offer a variety of staining services such as one where we change the color of the entire piece, as well as color matching services, allowing us to treat a specific area while keeping the look cohesive. Staining is a great service for any type of furniture, but is particularly a good option for antique furniture.

Los Angeles and Orange County’s Refinishing Experts

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