Serving the City of Diamond Bar

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration has proudly served Diamond Bar for more than 30 years. Over the last three decades, we have provided superior furniture refinishing and restoration services to area residents. During our years in business, we have done it all, from correcting minor imperfections to completing challenging restorations on highly valued pieces. We have truly earned our incredible reputation, and it is our hope that you will entrust us with your prized pieces.

Our Approach

Here at Rahn’s, we do not settle for always doing things the traditional way. Yes, sometimes the old tricks are the best, and in those cases, we continue to use them, but we are not stuck in the past. If there are innovative techniques that allow us to do our job better than we have before, we embrace them.

Our current focus is on adapting our methods so we can restore and refinish antique furniture while also caring for the environment. We currently work directly with government agencies to address serious environmental issues. Whenever possible, we take a conservative approach and minimize our impact on our environment.

Our Expertise

Not every restoration service can say they are able to work with any piece, but we are confident that we can. If your piece can be saved, we are the ones who can save it. From vandalism to fire damage, we can restore it and give you back your beloved piece.

Our Furniture Repair Services

The Rahn’s Furniture repair process is focused on reversing the damage done to a piece. Our end goal is to bring it back to its original condition without harming its beauty or function. Repair services are focused on smaller imperfections rather than large restorations. Think along the lines of repairing worn corners and removing watermarks. Our structural repairs are limitless, and we are happy to do whatever it takes to ensure the function and safety of your piece. Below are some of the types of repair work we offer:

-Re-gluing chairs

-Gluing loose veneer

-Replacing worn out rubber webbing

-Rebuilding drawer tracks and runners

-Re-gluing wood frames

-Rebuilding loose table slides, etc.

For an estimate on your furniture repair, you can bring the piece to us, send us some photos, or have us stop in at your home.

Our Furniture Restoration Services

We believe that our furniture restoration services are the best Diamond Bar has ever seen! Our objective is to restore your furniture to its former glory. Antique furniture has, through natural use, seen a lot of life, and life tends to leave its marks. Even pieces that have been well cared for will often start to show their age. Dirt, scratches, fading, and more can cause furniture to lose its value and aesthetic appeal. Whether you want to help you piece keep its monetary worth or you just want to keep it around for sentimental reasons, Rahn’s will bring it back to life.

Our restoration process is designed to be non-invasive, keeping as much of the original piece as possible. The exact type of restoration work we use will depend on the damage done to the piece and how open you are to replacing parts when needed. Our restoration work can be broken down into three categories: cleanup, replacing parts, cosmetic repair, and physical repair. We will discuss our recommendations with you before any work is done; we want to ensure you are comfortable with the choices we make.

Our Furniture Refinishing Services

Sometimes, the goal isn’t to preserve what once was; sometimes the goal is to create something brand new. If this is what you want, Rahn’s can offer it to you. Our furniture refinishing service involves preparing and applying a protective coating to furniture pieces whose original finish has either deteriorated or has been removed. When applying a wood-tone finish, we will sand, stain, seal, and apply protective finish. If you are looking for more of a decorative finish, we will work with you to determine what finish best highlights your piece while offering everything you were looking for.

At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we work with different types of finishes such as varnish, penetrating resin, shellac, oil, wax, and lacquer. Each of these finishes requires specialized knowledge and expertise, and must be chosen with the utmost care.

What pieces can we refinish? We are happy to work with most anything. We have refinished cabinets, outdoor furniture, and even classic automobile woodwork. The sky’s the limit when you choose Rahn’s.

Our Facilities

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is located in Santa Fe Springs, just 25 minutes from Diamond Bar. Our extensive facilities are designed to make it easy for us to complete all manner of repair, restoration, and refinishing. Our facilities meet all state and local standards for safety and air quality, ensuring that Rahn’s is a safe place to work and visit. With a focus on reducing our reliance on toxic substances, we are one of the most eco-friendly furniture restoration services in the area.

Why You Should Choose Rahn’s

Rahn’s is not the only furniture restoration service serving Diamond Bar residents. So, why should you choose us over the others?

We think there are many reasons. First of all, the quality of our work, and our dedication to maintaining this quality, is simply unmatched. Our work is the best; we firmly believe that. When it comes to your precious pieces, you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

While many restoration services are small, Rahn’s has a large facility and a large staff on hand to tackle numerous projects at once. With us, you do not need to wait months to see results. The tools we need, we have; the space we need, we have; the labor and expertise we need, we have. We are a one-stop-shop for all your furniture needs.

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is Diamond Bar’s most trusted furniture restorer. We are leaders, we are innovators, and we are here for you. With our encyclopedic knowledge of refinishing and repair, state-of-the art refurbishing facilities and stellar customer service, we have earned a place in the hearts of Diamond Bar residents. Allow us to bring beauty to your beloved furniture.