los-angeles-custom-furnitureHave you ever seen that almost perfect piece of furniture that you would want – if only it were a different size, or color, or of a slightly different Los Angeles Custom Furniturestyle? Maybe what you are looking for does not exist. It is an idea that you have: a piece that would be just perfect for your home. If you have ever felt this way, you should talk to the design team at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, and see how we can construct that piece for you so that it meets your exact needs.

What is Custom Furniture?

In short, custom furniture is furniture made specifically to meet the exact specifications of the customer. It can be a specific piece to fit a particular place in your house. It can also be your adaptation of a design that you have seen somewhere that you wish to tailor to fit your needs. Or maybe a customer has an idea for a piece that matches the overall design theme of their home or office. Have you ever seen a perfect piece of furniture, only to learn that it was not for sale? Whatever piece of furniture you want, call us at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration. Together we can convert your thoughts and ideas into a customized piece of furniture, just for you.

At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we are fortunate to have a core of highly skilled craftsmen that are masters in all aspects of furniture manufacture, with any kind of materials. Whether the piece that you want is made from wood, metal or even resin, you can rest assured that you will have experts in that field working on your piece. The finish to your piece of furniture, whether it is stained, painted or upholstered, will be carried out with the same skill, artistry and dedication that we use in our restoration work.

Why Choose Rahn’s Furniture Restoration to Produce Your Custom Furniture?

At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we have decades of experience in restoring and reproducing furniture. If you are looking to own an antique custom table made, you want to be assured that the techniques made to design, manufacture and finish your table are in keeping with the era of that table’s design. In doing that, your furniture will fit seamlessly into place in your home or business. Your table’s legs and stain colors should exactly represent the style and norm of similar items from the same era. If you ask us to create a metal Art Deco piece, you don’t want evidence of welding techniques that were not invented until 40 years later.

The First Steps

To begin the process of making your custom furniture, all you need to do is contact us at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration and share your ideas with us. At that time, any photographs, freehand sketches, or descriptions will be immensely helpful in beginning the design process. After conducting our own research, we will prepare an outline for the process. From that outline, our designers will develop some basic sketches. From these sketches, together we can refine the details until you are completely satisfied with the design. When you are completely satisfied and approve the drawings, it is time to begin constructing the piece.

Manufacturing Your Custom Furniture

Once we have agreed on the final design, the approved plans will be passed to our craftsmen. The length of time taken to produce your custom furniture is very much dependent on what is being produced and the specific requirements of your piece. If the look of the piece is to be antique, the piece will require more work from our designers than that of a more modern piece, as much of the work will be done by hand. We will give you an estimate of how long each piece will take to produce and keep you updated as the project progresses.

The Finish on Your Custom Furniture

The finish to your piece is one of the most important elements that makes your furniture complete. Whether it is paint, wood stain, or upholstery, details are critical. At Rahn’s Furniture, we take great care to make sure that nothing gets overlooked. Before we apply finish to your piece, we will invite you to examine our handiwork so that you can be assured of its quality.


If you want your new piece to match existing furniture, particularly with respect to staining, you will be able to benefit from Rahn’s Furniture’s 40 years of experience in the area of color matching. Our finishing specialists at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration will blend stains with the knowledge of exactly how the color of the stain will change after it absorbs into the wood and dries. We take into account the degree of color change that occurs with different types of wood. The end result will give you a new piece that blends perfectly with your existing furniture. Then, in consultation with you, we can select the perfect topcoat to protect your custom made piece for many years to come.


Should your piece of custom furniture require upholstering, the team of expert upholsterers at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration have the experience to upholster your new piece in the appropriate style for the era to which your furniture belongs. Over several hundred years, materials, styles and methods of application have evolved. Count on the skill and experience of our upholstery team to ensure that your upholstery will be a perfect match.


Due to the toxic contents of older paints, they can no longer be used. At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we use modern equivalents that not only reproduce the colors of years gone by, but also match the sheen and reflectivity. We observe all best practices of for preparing your furniture to receive paint, applying the correct amount, and adding a topcoat for protection, according to your recommendation.


Once your custom piece of furniture is completed, we will store it for you in our secure storage facility. When you are ready for it, we’ll deliver it right to your door in our own truck. This service is especially useful in the event of a loss. If you owned a rare piece of furniture that was destroyed in a fire, then we can not only reproduce it for you; we can also hold it for you while your home is being renovated.

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is Your Choice for Custom Furniture

The manufacture of custom furniture is just one of the many services offered by Rahn’s Furniture Restoration. Whatever your furniture needs are, whether they involve restoration, reupholstery, repairing damaged pieces, or manufacturing missing or destroyed pieces, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration stands apart as a restorer with superior customer service and excellent results. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you.