Serving Rolling Hills for More Than 30 Years

Here in Rolling Hills, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration has long been known as the company to use when restoring, repairing, and refinishing fine and cherished furniture. We have made our name by using a combination of techniques honed over centuries, as well as new technology, allowing us to effectively blend the old with the new and take a more conservative approach to our line of work. Our team approaches every job with the goal of preserving the furniture and protecting your investment, allowing your beloved piece to essentially become a better version of itself. If you have an antique piece or family heirloom in need of a little work, contact Rahn’s today.

Our Furniture Repair Services

No matter the type of wood, finish, or design style of your piece, we can repair it. We have worked with antique, contemporary, and mid-century modern pieces made from all variety of woods with all variety of finishes. In many cases, we have had people turn to us thinking that their furniture was beyond saving, but hoping for one last chance at preserving it, and as a result we were able to bring their piece back to its original glory.

The Rahn’s team can address any problem that wood furniture is likely to encounter over time, including discoloration, staining, joint damage, gouged surfaces, water damage, fire damage, peeling veneer, and even missing pieces. Our team is also able to repair furniture that uses natural rushing and caning materials. In addition, we can upholster and reupholster when required.

Rahn’s offers comprehensive and customized service, ensuring that your piece is given the exact services it needs—nothing more and nothing less. We approach each job looking for the most conservative solution so as to preserve the integrity of the furniture. Before we start our work, we evaluate the piece thoroughly and present you with our proposal. We then work with you to ensure your needs and expectations are met, and only then do we begin the repair of your furniture piece.

Our Restoration Services

Furniture restoration is similar to furniture repair. The two processes differ because furniture restoration is considered to be more in-depth. Rather than addressing small or isolated issues, it targets pervasive problems present throughout the furniture item. We can take a light or heavy approach to our restoration, depending on the demands of the piece.

An example of a smaller issue is removing caked-on dirt and grime from a piece. We can do this quickly and easily using gentle methods that will not harm the integrity of the piece. On the larger end of the spectrum are complete restorations. This can go so far as taking the piece apart, repairing the joints, resurfacing the piece, and even replacing unstable parts that can make the piece unsafe for display. We approach every piece individually and only recommend services we feel are best for your furniture.

No matter what, we never begin work without your approval. Once we get to work, we treat your furniture with the respect it deserves, knowing how much you treasure it. We settle for nothing less than the very best for our clients.

Our Refinishing Services

For us, refinishing furniture is a last resort when the damage is too great to avoid it. When it comes to antique furniture, the original finish is part of its appeal, and almost always a part of its value. However, there are times when the finish is damaged to the point that saving it is not a viable option. And in some cases, the owner simply wants a new look. No matter the reason you require furniture refinishing, we are happy to offer you our services.

From accentuating the wood grain to hiding imperfections–we can do it all. We keep many different stains and sealants in stock, allowing us to create the look you desire. Some of the materials we use include stain, penetrating finishes such as linseed oil or tung oil, and surface finishes such as polyurethane varnish, lacquer, or shellac.

We are seasoned professionals, and we assure you that you can place your trust in us, and your treasured furniture in our hands. As always, no work is done without your approval, and we will use the best possible approaches while working. We take great pride in our refinishing services.

Mid-Century Modern Specialty

The team at Rahn’s is able to work with furniture from any era. That said, our specialty is Mid-Century Modern. We were drawn to this era as its roots are in Los Angeles, including Rolling Hills, and there is nowhere else in the country that you can experience its magic in the same way. We want to make certain we can offer the care this furniture requires while helping to preserve local history.

Mid-Century Modern furniture presents unique challenges. This era was the first in which alternative materials were truly embraced, and specialized techniques are needed to preserve this furniture. Traditional techniques can do more harm than good on Mid-Century Modern pieces. We know how to identify the materials used and care for them in ways that help their original beauty shine through.

Our Facilities

While employing a quality team of restoration experts and having the right materials on hand are both vital to our success, our facilities also play a large part in our ability to deliver quality work. Our facilities are designed to give technicians and artisans the proper space to complete their work and the right air quality for preserving your piece. In addition, we rigorously follow every state and local standard for air quality, as well as fire control. In line with ethical business practices, we also stress our responsibility to limit the amount of toxic substances we release into the environment.

Pickup and Delivery

Anyone who has ever moved houses or apartments knows how stressful moving furniture can be. And when that furniture is a beloved heirloom or antique, the stress is even greater. We do not want you stressing over transporting your furniture to or from us. Instead, we come to you. Using the proper vehicles and protective items, we can get your furniture to and from our facilities safely and easily. When we return it to you, we will place it inside your home or business.

Furniture Repair, Restoration, and Refinishing in Rolling Hills

For over a quarter of a century, we have helped Rolling Hills residents bring out the beauty of their furniture. We are conveniently located and work to make the process low-stress for you. No matter the era or materials used, we can work with your furniture, making it everything you dream it could be. Contact us today for more information and a repair or restoration estimate.