Quality Furniture Services for the City of Long Beach

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is the source for quality furniture services in the City of Long Beach. Whether you need to repair, restore or refinish your treasured pieces, you can count on our expert staff and three decades of dedicated service. That’s because we specialize in top-quality work that combines the time-tested traditions of the furniture arts with the most up-to-date developments in our field. At the end of the day, you receive the best of both worlds while benefiting from the Los Angeles area’s most reliable blend of skill, exacting attention to detail and dollar-for-dollar affordability.

Furniture Repair

Furniture from any era in design history can develop serious condition issues that call for the attention of a repair expert. The list of widely experienced issues includes surface stains and discolorations, burn damage, loose or broken joints, cracked or separating veneer, and gouges that extend well below surface level. The caning and rushing materials common to certain types of furniture come with their own set of additional repair-worthy problems, such as unraveling and partial or complete breakage. Vandalism-related damage is also a potential concern for furniture from all design eras.

Whether you own newer or older pieces, the comprehensive furniture repair services at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration will help you deal successfully with both common and uncommon condition issues. For every piece, we develop and execute a specific, detailed plan that repairs all functional and cosmetic problems. And if you like, our repair specialists can use this as the first step in the restoration or modification process.

Furniture Restoration

Furniture repair is different from furniture restoration. Furniture repair focuses on fixing basic aesthetic and functional issues, whereas furniture restoration is intended to return your antique or contemporary piece as close to its original condition as possible. In some cases, this process may involve nothing more than cleaning grime and dirt, or fixing other minor surface issues. At the other end of the spectrum, complete furniture restoration can call for the complete deconstruction and rebuilding of a piece and the methodical correction of all structural and visual problems.

From relatively simple surface restoration to the complex process of full restoration, the restoration experts at Rahn’s provide the experience and care needed to bring furniture from any era back to life. If you prefer, we can restore your furniture to a presentation quality worthy of placement in a museum display. We can also restore your pieces just enough to retain evidence of their history of previous use. Whichever path you choose, we make sure to keep you fully informed about our methods and get your input before proceeding with any work.

Furniture Refinishing

The refinishing process focuses on creating the desired surface appearance for wood furniture pieces. If you have a piece with beautiful grain patterns, you can choose an approach that brings these patterns to the fore. Alternatively, you can choose a stain that conceals grain defects on your piece. Depending on your goals, refinishing may require the use of various preparatory techniques (e.g., stripping, sanding and sealing), as well as the use of various types of stain and penetrating or surface finishes.

Whether you want to conceal or accent the grain of wood furniture, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration fully supports your goals with expert execution. This level of care is critical since a poor refinishing job can seriously mar the appearance of your contemporary or antique pieces and decrease their value. If you like, we can also apply our finishing expertise to cabinets and shelves, vehicle woodwork and outdoor furniture.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Like communities throughout greater Los Angeles and neighboring Orange County, the City of Long Beach shares in Southern California’s long association with the beloved mid-century modern furniture movement. This movement is well-known for its distinct connections to the architectural and artistic developments of the avant-garde style, early 20th-century Europe. It’s also known for its reliance on Plexiglas, plywood, and other then-futuristic furniture building materials. Unfortunately, reliance on these materials and certain construction techniques often leave mid-century modern pieces susceptible to unique structural and aesthetic issues that require attention from an experienced repair and restoration expert.

Rahn’s is deeply rooted in Southern California and its mid-century modern furniture traditions. For decades, we’ve helped owners of this furniture cope with scratched Plexiglas, insufficiently glued joints and other common and rare condition issues. For all pieces, we place a specific emphasis on the use of period-correct materials during the repair and restoration process. This critical attention to detail means that your mid-century modern furniture won’t lose its distinctive aesthetic appeal or its value.

Our Facilities

In keeping with our dedication to all-inclusive repair, restoration and refinishing, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is housed in specialized facilities that allow us to consistently meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism. At the same time, we’re committed to meeting all our obligations as responsible citizens. In addition to complying with all fire control and air quality guidelines, we work hard to minimize the amount of toxic substances produced by our processes.

Long Beach’s Source for Fine Furniture Restoration

Long Beach is one of California’s most populous cities. Due south of Los Angeles, the oceanfront community boasts one of the nation’s busiest ports. It also serves as home to the legendary Queen Mary ocean liner, as well as the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, and the Aquarium of the Pacific. The vibrant arts scene in the city of 470,000-plus includes the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra, the Carpenter Performing Arts Center, the Art Theatre of Long Beach, the Long Beach Playhouse and the Long Beach Museum of Art.

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is based in Santa Fe Springs, just a short distance north of Long Beach. Whether your collection includes contemporary pieces, mid-century modern pieces or centuries-old antiques, you can rely on our staff of experienced professionals to provide you with Long Beach area’s best furniture repair, restoration and refinishing services. We combine these services with good pricing and an interactive approach that ensures your concerns and goals are always foremost in our minds. Contact us today to see why the residents of Long Beach depend on Rahn’s.