Quality Furniture Repair and Restoration for the City of Lakewood

In the City of Lakewood, fine furniture enthusiasts from all walks of life turn to Rahn’s Furniture Restoration for repair, restoration and refinishing work that combines affordability with deep expertise. For more than 40 years, we’ve provided Los Angeles County and Orange County with an unmatched standard for dedication and professionalism. From minor repair or refinishing projects to the most demanding restorations, there’s no job we can’t handle. And unlike most shops, we’re fully equipped to work on the mid-century modern pieces that form such a unique part of Southern California history. Whatever your objectives, a quick call to Rahn’s will start you on the path to the contemporary or antique furniture of your dreams.

Furniture Repair

Whether you own contemporary furniture or antique pieces, condition issues are a relatively common problem. Examples of issues you may currently face include everything from surface concerns such as stains, discolorations and separating or cracked veneer to deeper problems such as gouges or extensive burn damage. If your pieces feature rushing or caning, you may also run into a whole additional category of condition issues, including material breakage or unraveling. Unfortunately, some furniture owners must also deal with damage caused by acts of vandalism.

No matter the kinds of condition issues affecting your antique or contemporary furniture, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration offers services that will take care of the issue while respecting the integrity of your piece(s). For every repair job, we develop a customized approach that will address every cosmetic or functional problem on your agenda. Depending on your needs and preferences, we can complete this process as a separate undertaking or make it the first step of a larger modification or restoration project.

Furniture Restoration

Furniture restoration and furniture repair differ in one key respect. While repair work focuses on specific functional or aesthetic concerns, a restoration job addresses the broader need to revive your furniture’s overall desirability and character. The simplest projects may require nothing more than dirt or grime removal to achieve this objective. However, a ground-up restoration may include such things as furniture deconstruction, rebuilding and a step-by-step aesthetic or structural makeover.

At Rahn’s, extensive training and hands-on experience give us the ability to safely handle all levels of furniture restoration, from the simplest to the most complex. Some customers prefer that we leave their pieces with little imperfections that reflect their active history. However, others prefer truly museum-quality work that meets the most stringent display requirements. Whichever standard meets your needs, we’ll consult with you extensively before we begin and seek your ongoing input to ensure that our efforts stay on track.

Furniture Refinishing

As its name implies, the refinishing process is designed to address the condition of your wood furniture’s surface and create your desired finish. Most people have one of two goals in mind: emphasizing the appearance of aesthetically pleasing grain patterns or de-emphasizing the prominence of unsightly grain defects. Each of these goals typically calls for similar preparation work, including stripping and sanding. The process is completed with the new application of stains and protective finishes.

Whether you want to bring out the beauty of your wood furniture or cover unsightly imperfections, the refinishing experts at Rahn’s will perform work that precisely matches your expectations. This is crucially important, since a poor refinishing effort can mar the impact of even the best repair or restoration job. We also apply the same high standard of refinishing excellence to other wood products such as shelves, outdoor furniture, cabinets and the woodwork sometimes found on vintage vehicles.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

The 20th century’s mid-century modern movement is virtually synonymous with Los Angeles County, Orange County and other areas of Southern California. This movement, which drew heavily from avant garde trends in Europe, brought a range of advances to the furniture world, including sleek, futuristic designs and new building materials such as plywood and Plexiglas. While the use of these materials gave furniture builders much more freedom, it also introduced an array of previously unknown cosmetic and structural repair issues. These issues are still fairly unique, and only craftsmen familiar with mid-century modern pieces can tackle them effectively without creating risks for inadequate work and irreparable damage.

At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, decades of experience have provided us with a comprehensive understanding of the repair issues associated with mid-century modern furniture. Problems we encounter most often include loose joints (a product of the types and amount of glue used by mid-century modern builders) and damaged Plexiglas. However, we can also find appropriate solutions for any other issue you’re facing. In every case, we do our very best to complete the repair process with period-correct materials indistinguishable from the original sources. This approach allows us to retain your furniture’s financial value and uniqueness as a work of art.

Our Facilities

All repair, restoration and refinishing work is carried out at our specialized facilities in Santa Fe Springs. These facilities contain extensive storage space, as well as all of the modern and traditional equipment needed to work on furniture from every era. They also contain modern fire control and air quality systems that help us safeguard both your pieces and our local environment. In addition, we specifically seek to minimize our use of toxic materials while working on your furniture.

Lakewood’s Choice for Fine Furniture Services

The City of Lakewood is well-known as one of the prime examples of the Southern California suburbs that first blossomed in the aftermath of World War II. The community of more than 81,000 also stands out as the original home of the nationwide Denny’s restaurant chain. Located in the southeast region of Los Angeles County, Lakewood continues to hold fame as the site of one of America’s largest retail outlets, Lakewood Mall.

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration’s Santa Fe Springs home is just a short drive away from Lakewood and other neighboring communities. Homeowners, businesses and institutions across the region turn to us every day for the very best in the repair, restoration and refinishing of contemporary and antique furniture. Whether you need work done on a single piece or an entire collection, you’ll receive the same unbeatable combination of expert care and affordable pricing that won’t spoil your bottom line. Call us today to make your arrangements.