Furniture Repair and Restoration Expertise for the City of La Verne

In the City of La Verne, fine furniture aficionados turn to Rahn’s Furniture Restoration for the best in repair, restoration and refinishing. Every day, we offer the region’s most reliable combination of expertise, top-notch facilities and cost-conscious pricing. Whether you’re looking for a minor repair or a complete overhaul of your favorite piece, you’ll find the assistance you need in a friendly, customer-focused environment.

Furniture Repair

In time, even the most well-made furniture can suffer from significant condition issues. Depending on the materials used in the pieces you own, potential problems include cracks, scratches and deeper gouges and burn damage, as well as stains and various other forms of discoloration. Additional issues such as material unraveling and breakage can occur in furniture that features any type of caning or rushing. Problems associated with vandalism only add to the range of possible repair-worthy concerns.

Whether the condition issues in your contemporary or antique furniture stem from wear and tear, accidents or acts of vandalism, the experts at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration can provide you with an effective repair solution. We treat each repair job as a unique situation, and work diligently to correct every problem you need addressed, from the structural to the cosmetic. Feel free to incorporate your desired repairs into a larger furniture restoration plan.

Furniture Restoration

There is no hard and fast line separating furniture restoration work from furniture repair work. However, generally speaking, a restoration goes beyond basic functional and aesthetic considerations and focuses on the big picture of your piece’s character and appeal. If you wish, a project in this category may include nothing more than reconditioning in the form of grime or dirt removal. However, it can also include complete deconstruction and a rebuilding process that touches upon every aspect of appearance and function.

Rahn’s is your comprehensive resource for all of your furniture restoration needs. In every case, we precisely focus on the aims of your project. For example, you can request a restoration that leaves your piece’s history of use clearly evident. At the other end of the scale, we can bring your piece up to the highest standards for display in a museum or other public setting. In all situations, we actively seek your input and requests throughout the process.

Furniture Refinishing

The need for refinishing is familiar to all long-term owners of wood furniture. This process helps you achieve and maintain your desired surface appearance. If your piece features high-quality grain, you’ll typically aim to emphasize that grain during refinishing. On the other hand, a skilled refinisher can use the same basic techniques to de-emphasize grain defects that detract from your piece’s visual impact.

Whether you want to highlight exceptional wood grain or draw attention away from unsightly grain, the refinishing professionals at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration will fully support your goals. Our custom approach brings out the best in your furniture and fits well with additional repair or restoration efforts. We can also use the same staining and finishing techniques to enhance the appearance of wood cabinets and shelves, vintage vehicle woodwork and wood outdoor furniture.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

La Verne and other communities in Los Angeles County and Orange County share in the region’s rich history as a focal point for the 20th century’s mid-century modern movement. In the furniture world, this movement is world-renowned for placing a spotlight on previously unknown construction techniques and materials such as Lucite, plywood, plastic and Plexiglas. While distinguished and highly collectable, mid-century modern furniture often comes with its own set of idiosyncratic condition issues. As a rule, it takes a sure, seasoned hand to address these issues without causing further damage and triggering a drop in value and visual appeal.

Rahn’s is deeply woven into the fabric of Southern California history. Among other things, this means that we have decades of accumulated experience assessing the condition of mid-century modern furniture and creating custom solutions for all functional and aesthetic problems. In order to preserve the worth and appearance of your treasured piece, we actively seek out period-correct materials for all repair and restoration work. And when we must use modern facsimiles, we make every effort blend the new material seamlessly with the existing material.

Our Facilities

Consistent, high-quality repair, restoration and refinishing work can only take place in a facility equipped to handle significant volumes of furniture from all possible historical eras. This means having the right tools for each type of job, as well as the craftsmen and -women who know how to use those tools correctly. At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we maintain exemplary facilities that compare favorably to any other shop in the region. At all times, we operate in accordance with applicable local, statewide and national safety, fire and air quality regulations. We also work extra hard to keep our output of toxic substances far below legally allowable limits.

La Verne’s Choice for the Best in Furniture Services

Situated just below the San Gabriel Mountains in eastern Los Angeles County’s Pomona Valley, La Verne is a small community of 31,000-plus first incorporated more than 100 years ago. The city lies along the path of California’s fabled Route 66. To the south, Brackett Field provides regional air services to the general public, and additional landmarks and attractions in the area include Angeles National Forest – San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park and Raging Waters Los Angeles. The community is also home to its namesake University of La Verne.

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is located southwest of La Verne in Santa Fe Springs. For more than four decades, we’ve served both Los Angeles County and Orange County as the region’s trusted leader in affordable, top-quality furniture repair, restoration and refinishing. Whether your collection includes pieces from a single era or a range of pieces from multiple eras, our staff of dedicated professionals has the skills required to carry out your plans down to the finest detail. Call today and let us show you why the residents of La Verne and all of Southern California rely on Rahn’s.