Quality Furniture Services for the City of La Mirada

In the City of La Mirada, knowledgeable owners of fine furniture seek assistance from the experts at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration. That’s because, for over three decades, we’ve provided local residents and institutions with an unparalleled blend of technical sophistication and traditional repair, restoration and refinishing skills. What’s more, instead of pricing our services up in the stratosphere, we make sure that value for money remains a permanent part of the equation.

Furniture Repair

Significant condition issues can arise in contemporary furniture or furniture from any past era. Common example of issues that occur include cracked or lifting wood veneer, surface burns or more extensive burn damage, surface gouging, stains, discoloration and loose or damaged joints. If you own furniture made with caning or rushing, you may face additional problems such as the breaking or unraveling of these natural materials. Unfortunately, acts of vandalism may also contribute to your furniture woes. All of these problems are typically grounds for seeking repair help from a qualified expert.

The specialists at Rahn’s can repair any condition issues affecting your modern or contemporary pieces. Our comprehensive services begin with a thorough assessment and the creation of a customized plan that suits your specific needs. After creating this plan, we’ll follow up with a step-by-step repair process that addresses every concern and meets your highest expectations for finished work. If your agenda also calls for additional procedures such as upholstering, reupholstering, restoration or modification, we can incorporate these procedures into the overall process.

Furniture Restoration

While a furniture restoration can overlap with repair work, it has a different underlying purpose: bringing back the aesthetic appeal of your contemporary or antique piece. The scope of a restoration project depends on your aesthetic goals. If you like, you can opt for relatively minor work that removes surface imperfections such grime or dirt accumulation. At the other end of the scale, you can expand the process to address every single visual or structural issue that has a negative impact on the beauty and function of your furniture.

As our name implies, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration places a heavy focus on the performance of top-quality restoration work for furniture from any era. Whether you want to address minor surface issues or undertake an all-inclusive project that leaves your piece museum-ready, we support your goals with decades of training and hands-on expertise. And since we know how much you treasure your furniture, we make sure to explain our restoration plans, gain your approval before we proceed with the work and keep your goals foremost in mind while the project is underway.

Furniture Refinishing

A properly performed refinishing job can do wonders for the appearance of your wood furniture. If you have a piece with high-quality grain, the process of stripping away the old finish, sanding and sealing the bare wood and reapplying stain and a protective finish layer can bring that grain dramatically to the foreground. On the other hand, if you have a piece with significant grain imperfections, the same basic process can be used to hide those imperfections and show your furniture in its best possible light.

Successful furniture refinishing calls for a great degree of skill while working with a broad range of materials, from modern wood stains to the lacquer and shellac more commonly used in previous centuries. At Rahn’s our in-house specialists can expertly apply any of these materials to your contemporary or antique pieces. In addition, we rely on the same impeccable level of skill to refinish other wood items such as outdoor furniture, car or truck woodwork, doors, shelves and built-in cabinets.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Greater Los Angeles has a long and storied history as a hotbed for mid-century modern, a 20th century furniture movement that placed an emphasis on the use of new construction techniques and previously non-existing materials such as plywood, Plexiglas and plastic. Since it was built with unique methods and materials, mid-century modern furniture can present equally unique challenges when it comes to repair and restoration. Only an expert completely familiar with these challenges can safely work on pieces from the era. Even a generally competent professional who lacks this expertise can make crucial mistakes that lead to serious damage, monetary loss and diminished aesthetic appeal.

With our deep roots in the area, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration has long served as a reliable source for the repair and restoration of mid-century modern pieces. Every piece we receive undergoes a thorough assessment of its materials and structure. This assessment helps us identify common issues such as weak joints (caused by the type of glue used during construction) and gouged or scratched plastic or Plexiglas. Once we complete this preliminary examination, we proceed with repair or restoration work that focuses on the use of period-authentic materials and preservation of the features that make mid-century furniture so beloved.

Our Facilities

Furniture repair, restoration and refinishing are specialized jobs best performed with equally specialized tools and machinery. At Rahn’s, our expansive local facilities come equipped with everything needed to support the skills of our expert craftsmen. As good neighbors, we make sure to guard against the release of the toxic substances commonly used for furniture work. In addition, we stringently follow all city, county, state and federal codes for air quality and fire hazard reduction.

La Mirada’s Source for Fine Furniture Restoration

Situated on the southeast border of Los Angeles County, La Mirada belongs to a group of area communities known locally as the Gateway Cities. The city of 50,000-plus is one of the safest in California, and has previously appeared on nationwide lists of best places to live. Local attractions include La Mirada Regional Park, the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts and Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center. Local residents also have ready access to nearby Orange County attractions such as Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is based right next door to La Mirada in the City of Santa Fe Springs. For more than 25 years, we’ve provided communities throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County with Southern California’s premier repair, restoration and refinishing services. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary, mid-century modern or antiques from past centuries, you can count on us for an unbeatable combination of professionalism, care and cost-effective pricing. Call us today to arrange an assessment or schedule your required work.