Serving Cerritos for More than 30 Years

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is proud to include Cerritos within our area of service, providing the residents of this fine city with superior furniture repair and restoration. Our high standards and 30 years of experience have earned us an excellent reputation in the area. Residents of Cerritos turn to Rahn’s for assistance in preserving family heirloom pieces, and restoring damage done to more modern furniture. We set ourselves apart from the competition with our dedication to craftsmanship and customer service.

Our Furniture Repair Services

Years of use can damage beautiful furniture, whether antique or modern. Perhaps children and pets have made scratches in your pieces or discoloration due to sun exposure has caused your piece to lose its charm. Fire and water damage, joint instability, cracks and other damage are also commonly found in furniture. These unsightly distortions leave you with only a shadow of what your furniture was originally.

The good news is we can help! Our teams of furniture experts are skilled at repairing all sorts of damage so that your piece is restored to its original beauty. First, we carefully plan which repair techniques will be used. We ensure that function and visual appeal will be addressed so that you can proudly display your furniture again. In addition, we make every effort to preserve your piece’s original design. Using state of the art equipment and techniques, our teams carefully and diligently perform repairs, returning your furniture to you in full working condition and with all of its charm.

Our Furniture Restoration Services

For more serious damage and a complete makeover of your furniture, take advantage of our furniture restoration services. We can rebuild and restore even the most damaged and difficult to restore pieces, disassembling them, cleaning them up and rectifying any structural damage to rebuild your piece to perfection. Less serious cases may simply require careful cleaning, sanding and some minor repairs to restore your piece.

At Rahn’s we take the time to discuss what you desire for your piece. Furniture is deeply personal, especially when it comes to a family antique. Speak to our staff about restoring furniture, while retaining the special, worn antique look. Perhaps you treasure the mark left by many ancestors opening and closing a dresser drawer. We can restore your furniture while also honoring the past or provide you with a complete restoration, removing any imperfections that have been acquired over the years. Throughout the process, our staff will be happy to talk you through the stages and work to be done so that you are in the loop every step of the way.

Our Refinishing Services

Change the accent on your furniture with Rahn’s refinishing services. Highlight and draw attention to wood with beautiful grain characteristics or hide wood with uneven grain or other flaws. Or, darken a piece with stain to match the style and look you are hoping to achieve in your home. Our wood refinishing services include stain, linseed oil or tung oil and finishes such as varnish lacquer or shellac. Discuss the expected use for the furniture and we’ll help you choose the appropriate finish.

With our refinishing services, you’re sure to be pleased with the results. Our teams are highly trained and skilled in the technical aspects of furniture refinishing, giving you confidence in our service. Whether your piece is a family antique or a more modern piece, we’ll employ the necessary care to ensure the project turns out beautifully.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Cerritos and other communities in the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding southern California are architecturally and artistically savvy, and participated greatly in the mid-century modern furniture movement. To this day, we recognize the drive of residents of Cerritos and the surrounding communities to preserve this invaluable history through the restoration of these unique furniture pieces commonly found in the area.

At Rahn’s, we have made a special point to learn the technicalities and details of this special mid-century modern furniture. Special care and understanding of this furniture is necessary to preserve it. Because we are a local company, we know this special furniture inside and out. We have taken the time to learn the period-appropriate materials that should be used when repairing and restoring these beautiful pieces in order to preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

Our Facilities

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration proudly maintains a high quality work standard not only through our skilled specialists, but also by developing and maintaining exceptional facilities. Our machinery and tools are kept up to date with the best available options in the industry. This ensures that all repairs are performed accurately with impressive precision.

In addition, we take care to follow all safety standards including maintaining air quality for our indoor space and preventing fires. At Rahn’s we strive to limit pollution created by toxic substances used in furniture repair. We recognize and comply with our responsibility to meet environmental regulations.

Cerritos’ Home for Quality Furniture Restoration

Cerritos, the Dairy Valley, is a beautiful city located along the Los Angeles County and Orange County border. Cerritos has made its mark with spectacular floats in the Rose Parade with nearly annual awards since the first year the city participated in 2002. The city is a center of innovation, and is home of the nation’s first solar heated city hall among other accomplishments. This sense of progress and improvement within the residents of the city of Cerritos is certainly admirable, but it hasn’t cancelled out their desire to preserve and honor the past. We’re thrilled to be able to serve the residents of this wonderful city.

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration is based in Santa Fe Springs, just a step over from Cerritos’ city limits. With over 25 years of experience under our belt, we’ve consistently served the residents of Cerritos with the best there is to offer in furniture repair, restoration and refinishing. From contemporary to antiques, mid-century modern pieces and severely damaged furniture, we have performed our work while taking client specifications into account and without losing the unique character each piece has to offer. Our commitment to customer service includes reasonable pricing so that your commitment to your most cherished furniture won’t break your bank. Give us a call today for an estimate on your repair or restoration.