Premier Furniture Services for the City of Artesia

In the City of Artesia, the leader in high-quality furniture repair and restoration services is Rahn’s Furniture Restoration. That’s because we specialize in a customized approach that treats each client as an individual and combines traditional techniques with the latest technological innovations. No matter the age or style of your valuable pieces, we’ll adapt our process to suit your needs and specifications. In the end, you’ll get cost-effective results that stand head and shoulders above common expectation.

Furniture Repair

Antique and contemporary furniture pieces are susceptible to a variety of condition issues. Specific issues you may notice include surface-related problems such as stains, gouges, discolored areas, burn damage and lifting or cracking of the veneer layer on wood pieces. The list of potential concerns also includes structural problems stemming from loose or broken joints. In addition, owners of furniture that features rushing or caning may have to deal with unraveling, unwinding, breaking or similar forms of damage.

At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we have a repair solution for virtually all common and uncommon problems affecting contemporary and antique pieces. For every job, we develop a customized plan that addresses your area of concern while preserving your furniture’s overall condition. In addition to accidental breakage and normal wear and tear, we can correct problems produced by intentional acts of vandalism. And if you like, your repair can form the opening phase of a larger restoration or updating project.

Furniture Restoration

Restorations are differentiated from repairs by their scale and intent. Generally speaking, a repair will focus on core functional and condition issues. Whether performed separately or in conjunction with a repair, a restoration focuses on the broader goal of recapturing your furniture’s aesthetic glory. However, not all restorations are the same. In fact, while some projects only address surface problems like long-term grime accumulation, others aim to correct every existing structural and aesthetic issue from the ground up.

Rahn’s staff of restoration experts can help you achieve any goal you have in mind for your contemporary or antique furniture. If you like, we can perform light work that leaves your piece’s history of use on full display. At the other extreme, we can perform comprehensive work that leaves your family heirloom or financial investment fit for museum viewing. Whichever option you prefer, we’ll gladly explain our plans and techniques so you always stay well-informed.

Furniture Refinishing

The quality and condition of wood furniture’s finish have a major impact on its appearance and (in some cases) its value. This fact often makes a high-quality refinishing job an essential part of the repair or restoration process. Refinishing work is often specifically performed to bring out the beauty of a distinctive grain pattern. However, you can also use the same basic process to cover up unattractive grain that could mar your furniture’s aesthetics or trim precious dollars off its worth.

Whether you want to accentuate the beautiful or hide the unappealing, the experts at Rahn’s Furniture Restoration can meet your refinishing needs. We have extensive experience working with every finishing option, including basic wood staining and the traditional, painstaking application of lacquer and shellac. In all cases, our completed work meets the highest possible standards for excellence. And if you like, we can apply the same exacting eye to the refinishing of other wood items and parts, including everything from cabinets and doors to the inlays on classic “woody” automobiles.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Repair and Restoration

Artesia is centrally located in one of the nation’s premier hotbeds for the mid-century modern movement, which produced some of America’s most outstanding examples of 20th century architecture and furniture design. This means that substantial numbers of area furniture aficionados own mid-century modern pieces constructed from manmade materials such as Plexiglas, glass, plastic, stainless steel, plywood and Lucite. These proud owners are typically aware that their treasured pieces require special care when taken to the shop for repair or restoration. If it doesn’t receive this high standard of care, their furniture may lose both its one-of-a-kind aesthetic and its considerable value.

Rahn’s places a special emphasis on the repair and restoration of mid-century modern furniture. Our staff includes true experts who understand every detail of pieces from this era and know how to recognize and correct typical problems such as glue-related joint instability and scratched Lucite and Plexiglas. When we need to replace material as part of the repair or restoration process, we do our utmost to source period-appropriate materials that fully maintain that unique, mid-century modern look and feel.

Our Facilities

The careful process required for professional-level repairs and restorations must take place in a facility that fully supports that process. At Rahn’s Furniture Restoration, we carry out all projects at our specialized home base in Santa Fe Springs. Our facilities come equipped with the tools and machinery needed to work on small and large jobs involving antique, contemporary or mid-century modern pieces. As part of our enduring commitment to our customers, staff and the health of the community, we follow all applicable guidelines for safety and interior and exterior air quality.

Artesia’s Source for Quality Restoration and Repair

Artesia is one of the Gateway Cities of Los Angeles County, located in the southeastern region adjacent to neighboring communities in Orange County. The small municipality of less than 20,000 residents gets its name from the many artesian wells found within its borders. A prominent water tower located in downtown Artesia also serves as a source of common identity. The namesake Artesia Freeway (formally known as Highway 91) connects the city to Disneyland Park, Knott’s Berry Farm and several other well-known attractions in the OC. A short drive south brings tourists and residents to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

Residents of Artesia can reach Rahn’s Furniture Restoration headquarters in Santa Fe Springs by driving a short distance north on I-65. We’re proud to serve as the source for repair and restoration excellence in Los Angeles County and Orange County. Whether your collection includes antique pieces, contemporary pieces or Southern California’s beloved mid-century modern pieces, you’ll receive the same level of expert care, attention to detail and deep commitment to your ultimate satisfaction. For an estimate on projects of all sizes, give us a call today.