Rahn’s Furniture Restoration proudly serves the city of Carson with excellence in furniture repairs and restorations. Our nearby facilities in Santa Fe are within convenient reach of the residents of Carson hoping to preserve family heirlooms or restore damage done to more recently crafted furniture. Rahn’s Furniture Restoration sets high standards for furniture repairs and restoration, leading the way in the area in both skilled craftsmanship and customer service.

Our Furniture Repair Services

Everyday use can quickly damage even the most durable, natural wood furniture. Whether the piece is a well-kept antique or a modern-day piece, one small accident can cause a lot of damage. Children and pets may also create scratches on a beloved piece without any intention of doing so. Even the sun can damage pieces, causing discoloration over time. More substantial fire and water damage, joint instability and other problems may also affect your beloved furniture.

When your furniture has been damaged, before you begin to mourn it’s loss, bring it in to Rahn’s for an evaluation. Many a customer has arrived with a sad story about a favorite piece that has been ruined in their eyes. We can help! Our experts in furniture repair have years of experience in restoring damaged pieces to their former glory. Upon seeing a piece, we make a careful plan detailing the best repair techniques for the furniture being fixed. Our considerations are calculated to ensure that both the visual and functional appeal of your furniture will be completely restored. We also strive to preserve your piece’s original design. Then, with plans in place, our skilled teams get to work using the latest equipment and techniques to repair your furniture so that you can enjoy it once again.

Our Furniture Restoration Services

Our furniture restoration services address more serious damage and essentially provide your furniture with a full makeover. When your furniture really needs extra care, we rebuild and restore them, first disassembling them, then cleaning them up and finally rectifying any structural damage before we rebuild it to perfection. Less damaged pieces can get away with carefully executed cleaning, some sanding and light repairs that will completely restore your piece.

Rest assured that here at Rahn’s we make sure we understand your wishes and desires for the piece before we get to work. Like you, we understand that each piece carries its own story and history unique to you and your family. In some cases, clients ask for furniture to be restored, but want to leave the patina in place. Maybe you love how there’s a mark on your furniture where ancestors opened and closed a dresser drawer. Allow our skilled staff to restore and preserve your furniture while also honoring the past. The extent of the restoration and processes are up to you.

Our Refinishing Services

Want to change the look of your furniture? For Carson residents interested in changing the finish on their piece, Rahn’s refinishing services are the best. Our refinishing services allow you to highlight the beauty of the natural wood or hide uneven grains. Alternatively, we can match pieces to other stained furniture you have so that they fit into your home decor plans. Choose from our range of wood refinishing styles which include stains, linseed oil or tung oil and finishes such as varnish, lacquer or shellac. If you’re not sure what will work best, we’ll discuss the intended use for the furniture and help you choose the best option.

We’re sure you’ll love the results of our refinishing services. Our highly trained teams have years of experience in the technical aspects of furniture refinishing so that you can confidently hire our services. Whether your piece is modern or an antique that’s been in the family for years, we use the same extreme care on all of our projects to ensure the best outcomes.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Carson and the surrounding communities are full of artistic, savvy and discerning citizens with a strong interest in the mid-century modern furniture movement. We recognize the drive and interest Carson area residents have in preserving this history by restoring the unique furniture pieces cherished by many who live in this community. At Rahn’s we are also passionate about this furniture movement. For that reason, we’ve made learning the technicalities of this special furniture one of our priorities.

In order to best preserve, repair and restore this special style of furniture, we have learned its structure, style and key components inside and out. We have also made it our mission to master the period-appropriate materials and tools that should be used when working with these historic pieces to preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

Our Facilities

In addition to including only the most skilled and accomplished woodworkers on our teams, we also maintain state of the art facilities to provide the highest quality results possible. We keep our machinery and tools up to date and are constantly investing in the latest promising technologies. We do this to ensure the highest grade of precision in all of our work.

Another one of our priorities is following all safety standards and guidelines for air quality within our workshop in order to prevent fires and protect our staff. We always look for the least toxic substances for furniture repairs and comply with all environmental related regulations.

Carson’s Home for Quality Furniture Restoration

Carson is a lovely city tucked away in Southern Los Angeles County. Home to one of California State University’s campuses, Carson is bustling with college students and professors, many of whom commute. The vibrant city has been home to many businesses and is also currently home to LA’s major league soccer team, Galaxy, the team on which David Beckham once played. As Carson city residents look to the future, we know they also honor and treasure their past, and the past of their families.

Rahn’s Furniture Restoration helps residents of Carson preserve their past by providing the highest quality furniture repairs, restorations and refinishings. We’ve become the trusted name in furniture. Our expertise and reputation has made our company a safe place to bring antiques, mid-century modern pieces and valuable contemporary furniture so that it may continue to serve in your home. We are committed to serving the residents of Carson with high quality services that are also affordable. Let us know how we can serve you! Give us a call today.