Serving Brea for More than 30 Years

Here in Brea, Rahn’s Furniture Restoration has become known as the company to turn to for fine and cherished furniture repair and restoration. We are known for using a combination of traditional techniques honed over centuries and new technology that allows us to take more conservative approaches and work with greater precision. Our goal is to preserve the condition of the furniture, protecting your investment and ensuring that the piece you love remains in excellent condition.

Our Furniture Repair Services

When it comes to our furniture repair services, we can work with any piece of wood furniture. Over the years, we have repaired antique, contemporary, and mid-century modern pieces made from a variety of woods and with a variety of finishes. We can address many problems that wood furniture encounters over time, including discoloration, staining, joint damage, gouged surfaces, water damage, fire damage, peeling veneer, and even missing pieces.

In addition to solid wood, we are also experts at repairing furniture that uses natural rushing or caning materials. These furniture pieces tend to require repair more frequently since these materials have a tendency to unravel or break with use. We can also upholster and reupholster as needed.

Here at Rahn’s, we offer a comprehensive slate of services, ensuring that we can offer the correct solution for your needs. Our goal is always to take the most conservative approach possible as this best preserves the integrity of the piece while also saving you money. Before we begin our work, we will evaluate the piece and explain our plan of action to you. We might even offer you several plans to choose from so you can be certain that we are meeting your expectations. Once you okay our plan, we get to work, holding our technicians and artisans to the highest possible standards.

Our Furniture Restoration Services

Furniture restoration differs from furniture repair in that it is more in-depth. Rather than addressing spots on the piece or furniture, it addresses issues that are present throughout the piece. Our restoration services can be as light or as thorough as needed.

On the light end of the spectrum, we can address simple issues, such as caked-on dirt or grime. We work to remove this imperfections using gentle methods. Once done, the dirt and grime will be gone without any damage or change to the furniture piece.

On the heavier end of the spectrum, we can offer complete restoration services. These services would include the lighter items, such as cleaning, but can also involve taking the piece apart and repairing the joints, resurfacing the piece, and even removing parts that are unstable and replacing them with a piece that matches the overall look of your furniture.

No matter what level of restoration you need, our staff has the tools and the skills needed to complete the job to your liking. We treat every piece with care and sensitivity, as we know how treasured your furniture is. We can even maintain a lived-in look that honors the history of your piece of furniture. As with our repair services, no work starts until you hear our plan and approve it.

Our Refinishing Services

When possible, we prefer to avoid refinishing furniture. This is because the original finish is often a part of its history, and therefore a part of its value—both monetary and sentimental. However, sometimes the finish is simply too damaged to work with. And in other cases, the owner just wants a new look. No matter the reason, we can offer the refinishing services you require.

From accentuating the wood to hiding it, we can do it all. We keep many varied materials on hand so we can achieve the exact look you desire. Some of the materials we use include stain, penetrating finishes such as linseed oil or tung oil, and surface finishes such as polyurethane varnish, lacquer, or shellac.

As seasoned professionals, you can trust your treasured furniture with us. We will refinish it in a manner that is technically effective and visually appealing. Once again, we will not start our work without your approval, and we will modify our plans as needed until you are completely satisfied with how we will go about refinishing your furniture piece.

Mid-Century Modern Specialty

While we can work with furniture from any era, we do specialize in Mid-Century Modern. We chose to specialize in this period of furniture because Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, including Brea, played a big part in its popularization. There are many stunning pieces from this era in Brea and the surrounding cities, and we want to be sure that we offer the care needed.

Mid-Century Modern furniture is a bit more complicated than furniture from other eras. Since furniture makers embraced alternative materials during this era, special techniques must be used so as not to do more harm than good. We know how to identify the materials used and care for them in ways that help their original beauty shine through.

Our Facilities

A big part of what allows us to deliver the quality work we do is our facilities. We maintain a massive space that includes all of the materials, tools, and machinery needed to complete any repair, restoration, or refinishing job you might bring us. Our facilities are designed to give our technicians and artisans the space and items they need to complete quality work while maintaining the air quality needed to preserve your piece. In addition, we rigorously follow every state and local standard for air quality, as well as fire control. In line with ethical business practices, we also stress our responsibility to limit the amount of toxic substances we release into the environment.

Pickup and Delivery

Moving furniture can be stressful, and when you are moving a treasured piece, you can expect your stress to skyrocket. That is why we don’t want you to worry about bringing your furniture to us or picking it up. Instead, we come to you. We use the proper vehicles and protective items to transport your furniture without any damage being sustained. When we return it to you, we will carry it into your home or business and place it where you need it.

Furniture Repair, Restoration, and Refinishing in Brea

For more than a quarter of a century, we have been the service that Brea turns to for its furniture repair, restoration, and refinishing. We are a convenient, trustworthy service with a history of stunning work behind us. No matter the materials used in your furniture, no matter what era it is from, we can bring out its beauty and make it everything you want it to be. Contact us today for more information and a repair or restoration estimate.